I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 3

Lucy Cries Wolf

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 1954 on CBS
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Lucy cries wolf once too often when she decides to see whether Ricky would come to her aid in an emergency. He assures her that he'd rush home from the club "between the 'baba' and the 'lu' " if she were in danger, but that's not enough reassurance for her, and soon she's in a precarious position.


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  • If you knew the story about the boy who cried wolf.Had ya heard of an story of Lucy cried wolf?

    Lucy reading in the newspaper,about an recent robbery that happened.The victim has called his husband.However he never came home.So Lucy,think that it could happened the same to her,and that maybe Ricky wouldn't come home.So she begin to call Ricky telling some of the made up story about an mysterous person she witness.Expecting Ricky to come home,instead Fred and Ethel came.Seeing how this wasn't enough to get Ricky to come home.She creates an mess around the house,to make it looked liked that she was kidnapped.She hid at the closet,than she climbed out onto the window ledge and hid.Ricky thought it was his fault for not listening to her.After hearing from an neighbor that Lucy was outside in the window ledge,to get even with her to pretend that he would remarry anyone else.Lucy got very mad at that and came back.Lucy was so mad she went out in the hallway and got tied up for real.She tried to say it was real.But of course they didn't believed it.

    So in the end this teaches never cry wolf in the end people wont believed you.When it happens nobody will be there this time.moreless
  • Lucy reads about a local robbery in the paper; the victim had called her husband when she thought she heard a prowler, and he didn't come home. Ricky insists that he would immediately come to her aid in a similar situation, but Lucy decides to test him.moreless

    While "Lucy Cries Wolf" isn't a classic on the order of Lucy Does a TV Commercial or Lucy's Italian Movie, it does include some classic themes that made "I Love Lucy" such a great series. Lucy cooks up a scheme, Ricky is the victim, and the Mertzes are there as partners in crime--however of Ricky instead of Lucy, this time. Lucille Ball is at her finest as Lucy listens to Ricky, Fred, and Ethel discuss their future without her while sitting on the ledge outside the apartment window. Her facial expressions alone are well worth a viewing of this episode.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In her second attempt at getting Ricky to come home, Lucy ends up hiding in the closet. After overhearing the Mertzes suggest checking the closets, she goes out on the ledge, leaving the window open. Why don't the Mertzes notice that the window is open and subsequently discover Lucy out on the ledge?

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Ricky: I don't know whether something has really happened to her, or maybe she's just yelling tiger.
      Fred: What?
      Ricky: You know, yelling tiger!
      Fred: You mean "crying wolf"?

    • Fred: (to Lucy) My blood pressure has better things to do than play "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not!"

    • (after explaining the newspaper article)
      Lucy: I could've been murdered while he was waiting for you to call him back.
      Fred: You still might be!

    • Lucy: Well, if I called you at the club and told you there were prowlers, would you come right home?
      Ricky: The minute you called.
      Lucy: What if you were busy?
      Ricky: It wouldn't matter.
      Lucy: What if you were doing a number? Would you leave in the middle of it?
      Ricky: Right between the "Baba" and the "lu".

    • (Lucy reading the other side of Ricky's newspaper)
      Ricky: Why is it that the news always looks grinner at the other side of the breakfast table?
      Lucy: (making fun of Ricky's English) I don't know. It just looks grinner.

    • Lucy: Once they rob one house in the neighborhood they very often rob another one a couple of blocks away.
      Ethel: She's right, Ricky. All the crooks I know are just like that. Once they find a neighborhood they like, they stick to it. They're a loyal bunch.

    • (Lucy has pulled another stunt.)
      Ethel: Honestly, sometimes she acts just like a baby.
      Ricky: Yeah.
      Fred: Have you ever thought about putting her in a basket and leaving her on somebody's doorstep?

    • Lucy: (yelling at Fred) And as for you, you big walrus, keep your wet feet of my lynx stole!

    • (knowing Lucy is out on the ledge)
      Ricky: The worst part of it is Little Ricky. Little Ricky'll be without a mother. Without his mother to guide him.
      Ethel: Oh the poor little thing!
      Fred: There's only one thing for you to do, Rick. You'll have to remarry.
      Ricky: You really think so?
      Ethel: You have to think of your son.
      Ricky: Yeah, I guess you're right. Of course, I'll have to wait a respectable length of time.
      Ethel: Oh, of course. How long would you wait?
      Ricky: About ten days.

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