I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 30

Lucy Does a TV Commercial

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 05, 1952 on CBS

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  • Lucy is trying to break into show business again,this time she sees her chance when Ricky is doing a TV show and they need a girl to do a commercial.Lucy ends up wrangling her way into it,but the product contains 23% alcohol and she winds up getting tipsy

    This is still one of the absolutely funniest TV sit-com episodes ever,with Lucy trying to navigate her way through a commercial for a product with has a long name to begin with,but it also contains alcohol,and through the process of tasting it,starts getting tipsy,which adds to the difficulty of completely the commercial.Lucille Ball is just brillant in this episode.This is a great example of how she is able to take a simple job and makes it a vehicle for gut busting humor.Whats amazing about this particular scene is,I must have seen it at least 25 times,not counting times the scene has been shown in other shows,but each time it makes me laugh so hard my stomache really does hurt.Even though you know whats going to happen,you can still laugh.That is classic comedy at its best.
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