I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 16

Lucy Fakes Illness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Mertzes come to see Ricky, answering his ad that he put in Variety. Lucy doesn't know what they're talking about, because Ricky cut it out saying that there was a recipe he wanted to save (but so that she really wouldn't see it). When Ricky comes home, he walks into utter confusion with the Mertzes dancing and Lucy parading around. He agrees to let the Mertzes audition for him but not Lucy. Ethel stands up for her, saying Lucy might develop a complex.

The next morning, Ethel walks in on Lucy reading a book about abnormal psychology. Her plan is to act crazy so Ricky will cast her in the show. Ricky comes home to find Lucy acting like the famous actress, Talullah Bankhead. She claims not to know who she really is. She quickly adds a Southern accent to her voice. Ricky sends her into the bedroom to rest. He runs to call a psychiatrist, but he's not in. The advice he gets is to humor her. Lucy then comes in acting like a child, riding a tricycle, and eating a giant lollipop. They play "Mother May I?" together.

Fred come with news that Lucy is faking; he heard it through the furnace pipe. To get back at her, Ricky calls Hal March, an actor who pretends to be a doctor. He is supposed to diagnose Lucy with a rare tropical disease. Lucy and Ethel are in the bedroom playing jacks. Ricky comes in with the news that's he's going to star her at the club. Lucy miraculously recovers once she hears the news, but Ricky makes her get a physical just to make sure that she's really well. Hal March comes in playing a doctor and informs Lucy that she got the Gobloots from the hind legs of the Boo Shoo Bird. There's also the possibility that her zorch will need to be removed.

Ricky tells Fred that while Lucy was sleeping, he placed a green light bulb in the bedroom to give the impression she really has the Gobloots. When Lucy wakes up, she thinks she's dying and says her final goodbyes. A few boys from Ricky's band came over to play her a farewell durge, but when they start playing, loud jazz music comes out instead. Ricky confesses to his trick. Not really thinking, Lucy quickly forgives him. They kiss. After the kiss, Lucy wants to know when she starts rehearsing for her part in the show. To try and get out of the deal he made, Ricky pretends to lose his memory. Lucy gives in and they hug and kiss.