I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 16

Lucy Fakes Illness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 1952 on CBS

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  • Lucy suffers from the go-bloots, and made need her zorch removed. Let's hope she doesn't turn green!

    "I Love Lucy" was really starting to hit its stride around this point. This episode begins with Lucy deciding yet again that she needs to be a part of one of Ricky's acts. And before you have the chance to complain that this storyline is getting old fast, the writers pull out a new twist: Lucy fakes getting an illness due to her depression over not being allowed in the show!

    Eventually (with a little help from his friend), Ricky figures this out and decides to get even with Lucy by recruiting a man I can only pray is the least ethical doctor in New York. This doctor has no problem telling Lucy that she has a terminal illness. A cruel trick to be sure...but not bad television.

    The doctor tells Lucy she has the go-bloots, and that she may need her zorch removed. But she should be okay as long as she doesn't turn green. Of course, Ricky plants a green light bulb in the lamp next to Lucy's bed. Lucy sees Fred and Ricky and thinks they have go-bloots too, but it is explained to her that she is seeing the world through green colored eyes. Of course, it's hard to figure out how Ethel doesn't catch on since when she enters, Ricky and Fred are still close enough to the light that they would have appeared green too. Good old plot holes!

    This episode is pretty funny. It seems cruel for Ricky to try to convince Lucy she's dying, but you can't feel too bad for her since she's usually not the honest, straight-forward type herself. And maybe turning green doesn't mean she has the go-bloots. Maybe Lucy is really the Hulk? (NOTE: The version of this episode I watched also had a scene at the beginning where the Ricardo's apartment is organized differently, and Fred, Ethel, and Ricky discuss the last time Lucy faked an illness. One assumes this scene was added later for a rebroadcast when Lucy was too pregnant to film new episodes.)