I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 20

Lucy Gets a Paris Gown

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky tells Fred about a hard to get invite that he got for the wives to go see Jacques Marcel's fashion show. Fred is upset because he knows that after the girls see the show they will both wants dresses. He also talked to another American who shelled out $500 for a dress for his wife. Ricky doesn't want to have to buy Lucy the dress so he hides the invite. As soon as the wives return from shopping Lucy immediately wants to know if the invite came. Ricky claims that he wasn't able to get one because they were very hard to get. Lucy answers the phone to find out that the ladies are invited to the fashion show after all. Ricky warns Lucy that she is only supposed to look at the dresses not buy them.

After the fashion show the guys meet the girls at a cafe for lunch. Lucy tells Ricky that she wants a dress. Ricky says no bringing out for evidence a signed contract from Hollywood saying that Lucy won't request another expensive dress if she gets one from Don Loper. Lucy insists that it's a forgery. A couple of the models from the show walk by wearing some outrageous fashions. The girls go ga ga while the boys stare in disbelief. Lucy decides that she's going on a hunger strike until Ricky buys her a Jacques Marcel gown.

Ricky invites the Mertzes over for lunch to break Lucy's hunger strike by ordering a feast fit for a Roman emperor. Fred thinks that Lucy's sneaking food into the hotel room but Ricky has checked with the hotel staff learning that no food has been sent to the room. Lucy comes out the bedroom very weak with sucked in cheeks. Ricky tries to force feed her a sandwich to no avail. When the husbands leave, taking the food with them, Lucy goes to work making herself a sandwich from food hidden around the room. Below are the sandwich fixings and their hiding places:

lettuce-lamp skirt
mustard-perfume sprayer
milk-flower vase

Lucy mentions to Ethel that she is getting sick of sandwiches and wants something else for dinner. Ethel suggests a roast chicken.

Later that afternoon Ethel comes by to deliver dinner with a roast chicken inside of her camera bag. The gents drop by unexpectedly with Ricky giving Lucy her Jacques Marcel dress. Ricky suggests taking a picture so her reaches for the camera bag. Inside he finds the roast chicken. Ricky wants to return the dress, so all four participate in a game of keep-away. Ricky catches the gown, leaving to take it back. To get even with the girls, the boys decide to hire a tailor to design goofy gowns out of potato sacks with Jacques Marcel's label inside, and a bucket and horse feedbag as hats. The next day the fellows come in with the outfits they concocted. Ethel can't believe that Fred bought her a complete outfit.

All four go out to a cafe. The ladies act like high end models. Everyone stares at them, including Jacques Marcel. When the girls wants to go over to thank him for their outfits the gents burst out laughing. They explain that they designed those outfits. The ladies are furious, running away trying to cover themselves with a tablecloth.

The next day Lucy tells Ricky that they are going to Jacques Marcel's to buy her whatever dress she wants no matter the price and the same goes for Fred. Walking by the cafe are Jacques Marcel and two of her models. The models are wearing duplicates of the wacky outfits the boys designed. The boys call him a crook and also think they are out of the woods because the girls have the originals. Lucy confesses that she and Ethel burned their gowns.