I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 20

Lucy Gets a Paris Gown

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 1956 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Georgia Holt, mother of singer/actress Cher, had a small part in this episode as one of the models in the burlap dresses.

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: Ricky?
      Ricky: No!
      Lucy: No what?
      Ricky: I'm not gonna buy you a Jacque Marcel dress.
      Lucy: That is not what I was going to ask.
      Ricky: Honey, I know you pretty well.
      Lucy: Do you know me well enough to know that I'm going to pester you for that dress 'til the end of my days?
      Ricky: And do you know me well enough to know that if you do, the end might come sooner than you expect?

    • Ethel: I've never worn burlap before.
      Fred: Honeybunch, you were made for it.

    • Ricky: Now, honey, why don't you be a good girl? You don't hear Ethel asking Fred to buy her a new dress.
      Ethel: I'll be lucky if he buys me my lunch.

    • Lucy: (in response to Ricky's signed contract from Hollywood) I couldn't have said a thing like that. You must be thinking about one your your other wives.

    • Lucy: (about Ricky) It's my own fault, he's starting to think like me.

    • Fred: (about Lucy and Ethel going to a fashion show) Turning our wives loose in that place is like taking two mice on a tour through a cheese factory.

    • Lucy: If I stay on this hunger strike much longer, I'll be as fat as a pig!

  • Notes

    • Ethel comes in the hotel room with Lucy saying that she just bought a purse for 1,000 Francs, but 3 months ago, back in "Passports" Lucy is seen with the exact same purse in Helen Kaiser's apartment. And this purse is also used again in season 6.

    • Ricky pulls out a contract that Lucy supposedly signed after she got her Don Loper dress in the Hollywood episode "The Fashion Show." Ricky states that Lucy signed it on February 28, 1955 which is the actual date that "The Fashion Show" episode aired.

    • The "French" creations were designed by costume designer Edward Stephenson. The French designer Jacques Marcel is a fictional character.

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