I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 17

Lucy Gets Chummy With the Neighbors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 1957 on CBS
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With the best intentions in the world, Lucy somehow causes a misunderstanding with her new neighbors, the Ramseys. It all starts when Betty Ramsey offers Lucy some advice and a wholesale deal on furniture. For a time, the Ricardos' whole future at their Connecticut home seems threatened.


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  • this Episode is good. It's one of my favorites. Lucy wants new furniture for there country house. Ricky tells her she can only spend $300. Lucy goes with Betty Ramsey to a furniture store. Betty Ramsey thinks Lucy can afford all that furniture.moreless

    She ends up spending $5000. She calls Ethel and Fred for help. they decide to come. When Ricky gets home, he tells her to take the furniture back to the store.Lucy trys to tell Betty but she can't. Betty thinks Lucy does not like the furniture and gets mad. Ricky goes to The Ramsey's house to talk to Ralph. He can't tell them either. They end up fighting. Ethel and Fred show up. Lucy, Ricky, Betty, Ralph start yelling. Ethel tells them they can't afford the furniture. They under stand. Ricky gets the money from his show to pay.moreless
Ray Ferrell

Ray Ferrell

Bruce Ramsey

Guest Star

Parley Baer

Parley Baer

Mr. Perry

Guest Star

Frank Nelson

Frank Nelson

Ralph Ramsey

Recurring Role

Mary Jane Croft

Mary Jane Croft

Betty Ramsey

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Lucy says that the furniture she and Betty Ramsey selected costs $3,272.65. Ricky--shocked at how much money Lucy has spent--apparently thinks the furniture costs $20.35 more than it is and later in the scene misquotes the price as $3,292.95.

    • This is Frank Nelson's tenth guest appearance, and the first of two appearances as the character Ralph Ramsey. Nelson plays Frddie Fillmore three times (in seasons 1 and 3), Henry the waiter and Sergeant Nelson in season 2, Dickie Davis in season 3, Ben Benjamin in season 4, a train conductor and customs officer in season 5.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Ricky is shocked at learning how much Lucy has spent on the new furniture)
      Ricky: Three thousand dollars!
      Lucy: Three thousand, two hundred and seventy-two dollars and sixty-five cents.
      Ricky: How could you do such a thing?!
      Lucy: Uh, I didn't mean to, but now, if you look at it another way, dear, we really saved you money, you see, because Betty got them to take our other furniture in on trade and Betty got us a forty percent discount.
      Ricky: Betty?
      Lucy: Yes, Betty.
      Ricky: Do you remember I told you it wasn't right to get too chummy with the neighbors too fast?
      Lucy: Oh, you're not gonna say 'I told you so'!
      Ricky: I am!
      Lucy: Well, I just thought I'd ask. But honey, I still think that Betty did us a big favor. Uh, do you know how much money we're saving?
      Ricky: Yeah, exactly. We're saving three thousand, two hundred ninety-two dollars and ninety-five cents because all this stuff is going back!

    • Ethel: (in the middle of the fight between the Ricardos and the Ramseys) Lucy?
      Lucy: What?
      Ethel: Aren't you gonna introduce us?

    • Lucy: (on the phone to Ethel) Oh, I'm in terrible trouble. Can you come over right away?
      Ethel: What's the matter? What's up?
      Fred: Who is it?
      Ethel: It's Lucy and she's in trouble.
      Fred: Quick! Hang up!

    • Lucy: Oh, gee honey. Please? Can I buy just one new thing?
      Ricky: All right. I guess we could afford one new thin'. What's it gonna be?
      Lucy: One house full of furniture. (Ricky shakes his head) One downstairs full of furniture? (Ricky shakes his head again) One living room of furniture? (Ricky is still shaking his head) Oh! If you put some seeds in your head you could use it for a maraca!

    • (Lucy expressing her disdain for their furniture through exaggerated sighs)
      Lucy: Why don't you ask me what's the matter?
      Ricky: I can't afford to ask you what's the matter.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Ralph and Betty Ramsey: The names of the Ricardo's neighbors were taken from the real life neighbors of writer Bob Weiskopf when he lived in Westport, Connecticut.

    • Ralph Ramsey: And you can forget about that TV show. We'll get Cugat.

      This was another reference in the series to Xavier Cugat, a Catalan-Cuban-American bandleader who was often confused with Desi Arnaz (as was stated in previous posts on this site). As a young man Desi Arnaz was a member of Cugat's orchestra.