I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 22

Lucy Gets Homesick in Italy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

The foursome arrive in Italy on Little Ricky's third birthday. Ethel thinks the hotel is a dump. A little shoeshine boy comes by looking for work but the hotel owner shoos him away. The elevator is broken so everyone has to climb four flights of stairs to get to their rooms. The Ricardos get the bridal suite. When Ricky arrives with the mail he also can't believe the hike to their rooms. Ricky lays on the bed but finds that it's rock hard. While Lucy reads the mail she doesn't find a mention from her mother whether Little Ricky got the birthday gifts that she sent. Ricky says she can call New York to talk to Little Ricky. But the only phone in the hotel is downstairs in the lobby.

Lucy makes it downstairs with Ricky to make the call. When Lucy tries to talk to the operator she isn't understood. Ricky makes the call but the operator says that she'll call back in 20 minutes. They head back up to their room to unpack. When they finally get to their room the call comes in. Again they go down only to find out that there's a one hour delay. So they head back upstairs. But Lucy can't stand waiting for she walks back downstairs promising to yell to Ricky when the call comes in. Soon an Italian woman comes in to use the phone. She spends a long time talking. Lucy's afraid that she's going to miss her call. After the woman is done talking Lucy pretends to use the phone only to find that another call comes in for the woman. The woman finally leaves and Lucy's call comes in. The shoeshine boy comes back again looking for work but the hotel owner chases him out again. When Lucy talks to her mother there seems to be confusion. Because of the time difference she calls at five am waking her mother. The baby isn't awake and Lucy doesn't want her mother to wake him. But she is happy to know that he did get the birthday presents that Lucy sent. Lucy cries because she doesn't get to talk to the baby. Ricky says Lucy can try to call again later.

The shoeshine boy comes in to shine Lucy's shoes while she waits in the lobby. Lucy calls again but this time the baby is in nursery school. There's tears because Lucy again doesn't get a chance to talk to the baby. In her room Lucy spends time looking at pictures of the baby. This time the shoeshine boys comes up to Lucy's room to finish shining her shoes. They have a nice talk where Lucy mentions that it's her son's birthday. Giuseppe, the shoeshine boy mentions that it's his birthday too. Lucy gives him chocolate as a present.

Later Giuseppe brings all the kids in town to the hotel saying it's their birthdays too. They all want chocolate. The girls decide to throw a party in honor of Litle Ricky with all the little children. After getting gifts Giuseppe tells the truth because he feels guilty. Everyone returns their gifts except for a little girl because today really is her birthday. Everyone gets to keep their gifts. Ricky races up with the good news that he called New York again and got Little Ricky on the phone. The Italian children sing "Happy Birthday" to Little Ricky in Italian. Lucy finally gets to talk to her baby.