I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 19

Lucy Gets in Pictures

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 1955 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Vivian Vance and William Frawley only appear in the opening scene of this episode.

    • A colorized version of this episode aired on CBS December 2, 2016 as part of "The I Love Lucy Christmas Special".  The special consisted of two colorized episodes of the series.  The other colorized episode shown was "The 'I Love Lucy' Christmas Episode".

    • In this episode, Lucy makes a reference to "Lillian Appleby" instead of properly calling her by her new name, Carolyn Appleby.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Williams: After Lucy, now demoted to a secondary role as a chorus showgirl, dramatically falls dead in a scene where the lead showgirl is shot and killed.Mrs. Ricardo, what do you think you're doing? That shot was meant for the other girl!
      Lucy: Well, he missed.

    • (Lucy coming home after trying to be discovered at Schwab's Drug Store)
      Ethel: Aw. And nobody did any discovering?
      Lucy: Well, only me. About an hour ago, I discovered I was getting green.
      Fred: Well, at least she's not blue any more.

    • Lucy: The only way I'll ever get into the movies is to buy a ticket.

    • (Lucy gives Ricky some postcards to mail.)
      Lucy: Now remember, don't read them.
      Ricky: Why not?
      Lucy: Because it's not nice to read other people's postcards.
      Ricky: Well, you and Ethel do it at home all the time.
      Lucy: Not until after they're mailed. It's illegal to read them before they are postmarked.

    • Lucy: Mr. Williams, can I be the one who gets killed?
      Mr. Williams: Mrs. Ricardo.
      Lucy: Wouldn't you like to see me die?
      Mr. Williams: Don't tempt me.

    • (Lucy slides down the railing)
      Lucy: I'm sorry. I tripped on my train. It was sort of a train trip.

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