I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 32

Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 19, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Mertzes and the Ricardos gather for another night to watch TV, Lucy suggests instead that they talk but no one has anything interesting to say. Lucy finally gives up and turns on the TV. After spend time adjusting the picture the dial falls off. Lucy brings out a radio. They listen to Mr. and Mrs. Quiz a game show with host Freddie Filmore. Lucy is amazed when Ricky gets all the questions right. When the girls go into the kitchen to make sandwiches Ricky confesses to Fred that he knew that answers because he was at the studio when they recorded the program.

The girls get ready to go shopping. Lucy calls the radio station offering to have Ricky on their program. She claims he's "one of the smartest men in the United States."

Ricky comes home from the club. Lucy says she's got a surprise for him. She turns the radio on so that Ricky can hear the radio announcement that they are going to be on the next show. Ricky tells her the truth about the night before. When he hears the announcement he's furious. He doesn't want to be a fool on the program so he wants Lucy to know the answers to the questions.

Lucy goes to see Freddie Filmore in hopes of finding out the answers to the questions. But Lucy somewhat chickens out when Freddie Filmore mentions that he is up for a national contract and that having a famous person like Ricky on the show is going to help him a lot. She tries numerous ways to peek at the answers and does succeed in getting a copy to memorize.

It's time for the quiz show. But instead of the usual format of three prechosen questions they've changed the format. Ricky chooses questions out of a bowl. Because Lucy memorized answers she doesn't listen to the question and blurts out what she thinks is the right answer. They get all the questions wrong. But they win when Ricky gets the last bonus questions right. The question, "What did George Washington say as he was crossing the Delaware River?" Ricky answers, "Please let me sit down I'm feeling sick."