I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 8

Lucy Goes to a Rodeo

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Fred comes over to ask Ricky if he will appear at his lodge show. After hearing the date Ricky has to refuse because he is supposed to appear on a radio show that same night. Lucy begs Fred to let her be in his show while Ricky enjoys watching this happen to someone else. The girls suggest they do the operetta just like they did for the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League.

Fred comes over after having lunch with an old crony. He brings over his friend, Rattlesnake Jones. They also suggest that they do a western themed show for Fred's lodge. The Mertzes sing a song but there's a problem when it comes to finding something for Lucy to do. After failing at yodelling "Home of the Range" Rattlesnake suggests that she be a western bell ringer.

Ricky calls his agent, Johnny to get more details about this radio show he's supposed to do. It's ends up that Ricky gets radio confused with rodeo and is unprepared for a western show. When Johnny mentions a possible lawsuit for breach of contract Ricky agrees to do the rodeo. Lucy suggests hiring her and the Mertzes for his western show. Ricky says no and starts looking for professional acts he can book instead.

Ricky's still on the phone and realizes that all the western acts are already booked to do the rodeo. Ricky finally agrees to book Lucy and Mertzes. He likes their act because he thinks that he isn't going to have to pay them anything. But of course Lucy and the Mertzes want to be paid. They also know that they have the upper hand in this business deal. They finally settle on $25. Lucy cracks up when she thinks of Ricky as a cowboy.

At the rodeo Ricky sings "Texas Pete." In the middle of his song his gun holsters fall down. The Mertzes sing a song. The grand finale is the Ricardos and the Mertzes as western bell ringers.