I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 8

Lucy Goes to a Rodeo

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 1955 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Lucy: You need a Western show, we've got a Western show. It's heaven sent!
      Ricky: Well send it back!

    • Ethel: Oh, Lucy, you can't yodel!
      Fred: Well, if you're gonna be technical, she can't sing either.

    • Ricky: Listen, when it comes to show business, Lucy has a special sense. Something that the navy later developed and called radar!

    • Ricky: Well, I'd like to hear Roy Rogers sing "Babalu".

    • Johnny: Don't you know what a rodeo is?
      Ricky: Of course, I know what it is. It's a little box and it has a dial and out of it comes music and football games and things.

    • Rattlesnake: I don't know, little lady. You don't seem to be a Western type entertainer.
      Lucy: I'm not the Eastern type entertainer either. I'm just an All-American flop.

    • Rattlesnake: Little lady, what are you aiming to do?
      Lucy: I'm aiming to do anything you aim at me.

    • Lucy: (to Fred) I know just exactly the kind of show that your lodge brothers would like to see.
      Ricky: So do I, but you can't do that kind of a show.

    • Fred: Doggone, I'm not going to be flag bearer again!
      Ethel: I doubt if they'll want you to be flag bearer again with that pot. The last time they marched down 5th Avenue the flag was two blocks ahead of the parade.

  • Notes

    • Doyle O'Dell (Rodeo M.C.) was the host of a Los Angeles based western themed program.

    • During the filming of Desi Arnaz's "Texas Pete" number his gun belt falls off causing filming to stop. Since the crew thought this was funny they decided to reshoot the scene and incorporate this bit.

    • Songs: "Cuban Pete" (as "Texas Pete", "Red River Valley", "Down by the Old Mill Stream", "Birmingham Jail", "The Old Chisholm Trail", "Lily of the Valley", "Home on the Range", and "Mockingbird".

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