I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 15

Lucy Hates to Leave

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's nighttime at the Ricardos. Lucy is fast asleep but Ricky is tossing and turning. He jumps around in bed until he just has to get up. Lucy is wakes and asks what's wrong. Ricky goes into a nervouse tirade about having a 20 year mortgage over their heads. He's got the heebie-geebies and has not idea how they're going to afford a new house and furniture. Lucy assures him that everything will be just fine and they'll just use the furniture they've got now in the new house. It takes some doing, but she finally calms him down and puts him to bed.

A few seconds later, it's Lucy's turn to get the heebie-geebies. "Maybe we can't afford that house in the country!" she wails. Ricky clams her down, they'll be just fine, don't worry and he tucks her in bed.

The next morning, Lucy and Ricky are feeling better as they have coffee. Fred comes over and shows them their 99 year lease that they signed two years earlier after making up from a fight. Fred tears up the lease and asks the Ricardos if they mind him showing the apartment since they'll be leaving in a week, he wants to rent it. They happily agree and he leaves. He returns a second later with the Taylors, a young newlywed couple. The younger couple complain that it's cold in the apartment, but Fred assures them he gives his tenants plenty of heat. The Ricardos can barely hold back their guffaws.

Later that day, Lucy and Ricky are packing and the Mertzes come to tell them that the newlyweds who looked at the place are taking it. Ethel bursts out blubbering about the move again. Fred then says the young couple has to move in right away. That's not possible, they can't move to their new home for a week. Fred reminds them that it's the least they can do since he tore up their 99 year lease and saved them $145,500! An argument brews, but Ethel stops it by offering the Ricardos to share their apartment until the house is available. Where to put all the furniture at the Mertzes? They don't have to worry, the young couple wants to buy the furniture too. Ricky puts his foot down, they can't afford to furnish a new house, but Lucy makes him change his mind.

Lucy and Ethel are having a last group blubber in the Ricardo apartment. Lucy asks to be left alone for a few minutes to say goodbye.

The new tenants arrive and start moving in their things. Lucy's not happy with their taste at all. She's even less happy when they want to put a pink shade on one of the lamps. She takes the lamp back and turns to go. She stops in her tracks when they start talking about painting the coffee table black.

Next door, Fred is grouching about how cramped it is. Lucy comes in carrying the lamp and dragging the coffee table. Mr Taylor comes over asking to borrow a saw to cut the legs off the sofa. Lucy decides she needs to have a talk with the young Mrs. Taylor.

Later, the same day, the Mertz' apartment is covered from end to end and top to bottom, Lucy has taken back all her furniture. Everyone decides to have lunch and get in each other's way trying to maneuver around the boxes and furniture, getting on each other's nerves by the minute.

Ricky arrives and sees all their belongings piled up and screams for Lucy. She does her best to get away from him before he can wring her neck, but he catches her anyway. He starts to give her a good talking to when the phone starts ringing. It takes them awhile to find the buried phone in the packed room. It's Mr. Spaulding, the owner of the house, he informs Ricky that the title search for the house has been delayed and they'll be stuck at the Mertz' for 2 more weeks. They all give Lucy a dirty look and she fends them off with a chair.