I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 21

Lucy in the Swiss Alps

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

Problems arise in Switzerland when Fred accidently sends the band to Locarno. In Paris, Ethel sat on Fred's glasses breaking them. He misreads his instructions. The four are in Lucerne because Ricky bought their tickets. Fred plans to run away because he doesn't want to face Ricky's temper. Lucy suggests that they get Ricky in a jolly mood and then slip in the bad news. When Ricky hears the news he fires Fred as band manager. Fred suggests that the band takes the train but it will take them all day to get to Lucerne. After sending a telegram to the band in Locarno, Ricky rehires Fred. Fred leaves and brings back a local band to rectify the situation. But the band's "La Cucaracha" sounds like a polka. Ricky sends them away.

Because Ricky is pacing around the room Lucy suggests that they climb a mountain. Ricky gets a big laugh when the Mertzes enter in lederhosen outfits which as Lucy mentions makes them look like they stepped out of a cuckoo clock. They climb a mountain and eat lunch "on top of the world." As they prepare to go down it starts snowing. Because of the blizard conditions they take shelter in a cabin. Lucy's fearful that there's going to be an avalanche. She sneezes and then runs to the door finding out that nothing happened. She slams the door causing an avalanche. Ricky uses a match to light a gas lamp. They can't get out because there's snow in front of the door. The girls get hysterical and panicky. Everyone takes turns blaming each other for their current situation. Lucy suggests taking the stove pipe off and looking for sky. But when Ricky does he gets a face full of soot.

Five hours pass by with everyone starting to get hungry. Lucy remembers that she has an extra sandwich in her backpack. Everyone else ate theirs on top of the mountain. She tries to sneak bites of it but the others smell her cheese and the hear the paper rustling. Because Lucy feels guilty she shares her sandwich. Thinking they're going to die, everyone starts confessing sins because they want to die with a clear conscience. Slowly they start to hear music. The local band who auditioned for Ricky comes to dig them out. Because Ricky is so thankful for their rescue he lets them perform with him.
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