I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 21

Lucy in the Swiss Alps

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 1956 on CBS



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    • Lucy: Ricky, don't you have a confession to make?
      Ricky: Not me. I'm no fool. We might be saved!

    • Ricky: We have to concentrate. We have to use our brains.
      Lucy: (thinking) Well now, let me see...
      Ricky: You stay out of this!

    • Ricky: I'm sorry, honey. I'm sorry I blamed you.
      Lucy: I'm sorry I said your show was stale.
      Ethel: Fred, I'm sorry I called you a dumb bunny.
      Fred: I'm sorry you're so fat you broke my glasses.

    • Lucy: Those aren't mountain-climbing outfits. You look like you came out of a Swiss clock!

    • Lucy: We wouldn't be trapped in here if Fred hadn't sent the band to Lucarno.
      Ethel: (to Fred) She's right. This is all your fault! What a dumb-bunny trick!
      Fred: Well, I wouldn't have sent the band to Lucarno if you hadn't sat on my glasses.
      Lucy: Well, actually the whole thing is Ricky's fault.
      Ricky: MY FAULT?
      Lucy: Yes! If you hadn't left Cuba and come to America we wouldn't gotten married, and we wouldn't be in Switzerland in the first place!

    • Fred: Ricky I got a confession to make, I charge you ten dollars a month more than my other tenants.
      Ethel: I got a confession too, Fred. Every month I give them back the ten dollars.

    • Lucy: I hear music. Some strange far off music. Oh no, maybe we're closer to eternity than we think.

    • Ethel: You remember when we were married I said I was 18. I was 19. (starts crying)
      Fred: I have something to tell you too. You were 24.

    • Fred: Well how did they get out in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?
      Lucy: They waited for the spring thaw.
      Fred: I wouldn't mind that if we had five more brides.

    • Fred: I thought one of those Saint Bernards might be going by. I could use a shot of brandy.

    • Ethel: (about Fred) Oh, a bigshot. Now that he isn't the landlord he's going to turn on the heat.

    • Fred: (about Ethel) With that lunch you packed away, I doubt if there's enough rope left to go around you.

    • Ethel: Gee, this high altitude sure gives me an appetite.
      Fred: What's your excuse at sea level?

    • Fred: I was worried when I didn't find you on the end of that rope.
      Ethel: Really honey? Were you afraid you'd lose me?
      Fred: I'll say; that outfit you're wearing is rented.

    • Lucy: Now, listen. All the times Ricky has been mad at me, he never once struck me.
      Fred: Well you're bigger than I am.
      Lucy: Don't let that Latin temperament scare you. Ricky's bark is worse than his bite.
      Fred: Don't tell me he bites too.

    • Ethel: Fred, you haven't even looked out the window. Haven't you any appreciation for beauty?
      Fred: What are you doing, Ethel, fishing for insults?

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