I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 15

Lucy is Enceinte

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 1952 on CBS

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  • Clever integration of situation comedy and a real-world event, both work on their own levels.

    Lucy never quite gets a moment to tell Ricky that she is pregnant.

    This intallment is a little different in that generally Lucy schemes to get away with a plan, and here, the audience is hoping that she gets the chance to tell the truth of a situation. It works well as a story, the viewer actually gets invested more in the story the way it's scripted. The oft-used device of almost getting to the truth but not quite is effectively acted by Ball and Arnaz.

    Though "I Love Lucy" was filmed, there are good examples here of the production team letting the first and more emotional take stand. Ricky actually flubs the lyrics of "Rock-A-Bye-Baby" and there is genuine sentiment in the night club scenes that appear less rehearsed and less slickly done. These things combine to make this a definite "feel good" and surprising episode for those who first watched it. One of those that deserves to be remembered over the decades.
  • Happy Lucy learns that she's going to have an baby.But how can she tell Ricky the great news?

    Lucy is going to visit the doctor.However Ethel figures what it might be and the reason why she is going.Of course Lucy,didn't believed it until she got back from the doctors telling Ethel,the good news.Even Fred as well.Who both wanted it to be namesd Little Fred or Little Ethel.How is Lucy going to bring this news up right to Ricky? She went down at the lunch time,to tell Ricky the good news.But he was too busy to even hear her about the news that she brings.Lucy is determined to tell Ricky.At night during his night club performance.When Ricky got an letter from an unknown person.He start to sing the song "Rock Aby Baby" trying to figure out who are the lucky ones.When he learns that it was Lucy.He is happy and so excited.

    To me this was an special episode of I Love Lucy.This was an beautiful moment.
  • Lucy is pregnant,but is having trouble telling Ricky.Every time she starts,something interrupts her.Finally she goes to the nightclub and finds a way to let him know.

    One of the things I like about I Love Lucy is that it wasnt always about Lucys wacky schemes.Sometimes there were episodes that showed some depth to Lucys character,episodes that you had real empathy for her.This episode is probaly the best example of that.When Lucy keeps trying to tell Ricky her great news and something always interrupts them,the frustration is palpable and real.And of course,when she does find a way to tell him,it is a very emotional moment,especially when you know that Lucille Ball really was pregnant at the time.I know it was controversial at the time,but this episode proves that it was a good decision.We see Lucy in a somewhat differant light than we had up to this point in the series,and it leads to one of the warmest sweetest moments in the entire series.I love that whole scene where Ricky starts singing and going around the tables,and then theres Lucy,glowing like shes going to burst with joy.Then Ricky sings "Were having a baby(my baby and me)"and his happiness is real.This may have been the high point of Lucy and Desis own relationship,and its especially poignant when you know what happened near the end of the series run.But this is certainly one time where reality and sit-com seemed to mesh in a very memorable way.Of course,there would be other episodes where you feel great empathy towards Lucy,but this is certainly the best.
  • lucy tries to tell ricky she is pregnat but he is too busy so at his show she tells him and it is very emotional

    I love this episode but i think the episodes were alittle better before little ricky was born but this was still an excellent episode i can honestly say it was emotional now i didnt cry but i know alot of people who did cry it was emotional for me too though i got a little tear drop in my eyes but seriously i did think this was an excellent episode so if you want to get a little emotional or just want to see a very very very very very wonderful episode you definatly need to come see this one.
  • A Fantastic Episode!!

    I absolutely love this episode. The episode is so sweet and funny. It is so sweet it actually brings a tear to my eye. When she comes back from the doctor and tells Ethel, it is the funniest part of the episode in my opinion. When she tries so many times to tell Ricky she\'s pregnant and fails, you can really feel her frustration and anxiety. The part where she finally tells Ricky she\'s pregnant is the sweetest moment of the series. I personally like it more than when she has little Ricky. When she finally tells him It never fails to bring a tear to my eye. To see the emotion that Lucy and Desi were really feeling in just great.