I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 11

Lucy Is Jealous of Girl Singer

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 1951 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ethel shows Lucy a mention of Ricky in the gossip column that hints at his involvement with a dancer in his act. Lucy doesn't worry, believing it's a mention from the press agent to keep Ricky's name in front of the public. However, when Ethel leaves, Lucy has her doubts. Lucy confronts Ricky by hitting him with the newspaper. Ricky convinces her there's nothing going on with Rosemary, the dancer.

At rehearsal Ricky tears Rosemary's lacy costume skirt and places it in Ricky's coat pocket so he can get it fixed.

For dinner, as an apology for her behavior, Lucy makes chicken and rice, Ricky's favorite meal. Ricky fibs to her, saying that he didn't even go to rehearsal. When they embrace Lucy finds Rosemary's skirt in the coat pocket which leads her to think Rosemary and Ricky were on a date, but when Ricky tells her the truth, Lucy doesn't believe him. He suggests that she come to the club to watch their act and put her suspicions to rest. He storms out.

Shortly after Ricky leaves, Ethel tells Lucy to call the club and tell Ricky that she won't be able to make it. They come up with an idea that Lucy will be a part of the stage show so that she can get a better view of what is going on between Ricky and Rosemary.

Lucy makes her way into the chorus line, but since she doesn't know the steps, she fumbles around. Before Ricky can recognize her, she runs off the stage -crashing into a waiter.

She rushes home, changes her clothes, climbs into bed with a book, and pretends to be asleep when Ricky comes home. While changing his clothes, he makes mention of the terrible girl in the chorus. He comes out of the closet wearing the wig Lucy wore, thereby proving he knew it was her the whole time. They kiss and make up.
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