I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 27

Lucy is Matchmaker

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 25, 1953 on CBS

Episode Recap

The girls decide that their friend Sylvia just has to get married off, but they can't think of anyone to set her up with. Besides, Ricky told Lucy to keep her nose out of the matchmaking business. Lucy ignores Ricky's demands when Eddie Grant, a pal of Fred's, comes to town. They've got a real live bachelor in their trap and they set him up on a date with Sylvia.

Fred catches wind of the date, but there's been a mix up, Eddie thinks that Lucy is really the one who is going to go out with him so he tells Fred that it's a married woman and leaves it at that.

Sylvia calls Lucy and has to cancel because she needs some emergency dental work. Lucy goes to Eddie's hotel to break the news. At the same time the boys head to the hotel to have lunch with Eddie, and also to get a gander at the chick he's going to see.

Lucy is astounded when she finds Eddie thinks she's the actual date and that Sylvia was just someone she made up so after convincing him otherwise, she has him call Sylvia himself.

As Lucy is leaving the boys are arriving and they cross paths.

At home, Ricky confronts Lucy about what she was doing at Eddie's hotel. She frantically tries to cover her matchmaking tracks and make Ricky realize that she wasn't there to date him herself.

She runs out to find Eddie so he can back up her story. She and Ethel get to the hotel and find out Eddie is a lingerie salesman and offers them each a gown at wholesale. Ricky and Fred are out in the hall, Eddie told them what was really happening and they were there to teach the girls a lesson. The enter the room and both men tell Eddie they can have their wives.

The girls are shocked and beg their husbands to reconsider. Ricky and Fred then come clean about the joke and they all have a good laugh.