I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 19

Lucy Meets Charles Boyer

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

While eating at a cafe Lucy is convinced she sees Charles Boyer. Ricky is sick about her claiming to see Charles Boyer everywhere. The real Charles Boyer walks to a table at the same cafe. Lucy is convinced but she after what Ricky said she's not that sure. Ricky realizes it is really Charles Boyer. He sends the girls to the bathroom to fix their faces. He goes over to Charles Boyer, introduces himself, and warns him about Lucy. Ricky also tells him to pretend that he's not really Charles Boyer.

The girls go over to Charles Boyer's table. Following Ricky's advice he gets mad that he's been mistaken for Charles Boyer again, claiming that he's an actor named Maurice DuBois. As they leave the cafe Ricky and Charles Boyer wink at each other thinking that is the end of that.

At the hotel Ricky shows Fred an article that says he's going to have a business lunch with Charles Boyer, and wants to know if Fred leaked the news. To avoid Lucy from coming to lunch with him Ricky pretends that he's insanely jealous of Charles Boyer and doesn't want Lucy anywhere near him. To do that he screams wildly at Lucy to stop obsessing over Boyer and wildly kisses her after hisexplanation. After that confusing moment she says "Wow! Who needs Boyer?" Then after he leaves for the lunch, Lucyexplains to Ethel how jealous Ricky got when she mentioned Charles Boyer. Lucy schemes to hire Maurice DuBois to play Charles Boyer so Lucy can prove to Ricky that she doesn't care anything about Charles Boyer. Ethel is upset when Lucy doesn't even ask her along for help.

Lucy returns to the cafe where she met Maurice DuBois before. At first when Lucy goes over to Maurice he ignores her. She explains the whole plan to him. Lucy leaves after she hires him for the task. Ricky comes by for their business lunch with Charles Boyer where he explains the whole plan to Ricky. After lunch Lucy coaches Maurice DuBois on how to be more like Charles Boyer but somewhat fails. They arrange to meet at the hotel room at five.

Ricky gets a call that Charles Boyer is coming up to the Ricardo's hotel room. Ricky wants Lucy to leave but she demands to stay. Charles Boyer pretending to be Maurice DuBois pretending to Charles Boyer arrives acting romantically toward her. She ignores him even going so far as to eat an orange. When the phone rings Lucy answers to find Ethel on the other end. Ethel tells Lucy about the trick that Ricky and Charles Boyer are playing on her, then starts choaking on her orange. Lucy gets scared and Ricky calls off the gag.

Errors arise as Charles Boyer starts to leave for a TV show. After he leaves he comes back because he left his hat in the hotel room. Lucy is sitting on his hat and removes it crushed. While signing autographs the pen runs out of ink. Lucy sure that she filled the pen, shakes it, squirting ink all over Charles Boyer's shirt. The girls both help him on with his coat and tear it completely up the back seam. On the way out he hits his head on the door. Lucy causes another celebrity disaster.