I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 19

Lucy Meets Charles Boyer

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 1956 on CBS



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    • Ethel: If this is one of your crazy schemes, you can leave me out of it.
      Lucy: Who asked you in?
      Ethel: Well you always do drag me into your crazy schemes.
      Lucy: Well, this is one time I can do without you.
      Ethel: What's wrong with me all of a sudden?
      Lucy: Nothing. This I can handle by myself.
      Ethel: I know this sounds crazy, but I feel left out.

    • Lucy: How would you feel if Fred were smoldering with jealousy?
      Ethel: Fred wouldn't smolder if he backed into a blow torch.

    • Charles/Maurice: I'm sorry. I'm not Charles Boyer.
      Lucy: That makes three of us.

    • Fred: I've been watching him and I don't know. What do dames see in him?
      Ricky: Well, I guess he's, uh...
      Fred: What's he got that I haven't got?
      Ricky: Nothing. It's just what you've got that he hasn't got that louses you up.

    • Lucy: If you want to see someone who looks more like that man I keep seeing than anyone we've seen yet, then look over there.

  • Notes

    • This episode will be rewritten in 1964 for The Lucy Show with Ethel Merman taking over Charles Boyer's part.

    • Charles Boyer is on I Love Lucy to promote his show Four Star Playhouse. While guest starring, he refused to wear the Desilu provided wardrobe and didn't want his own clothes ruined. Invisible ink is squirted on Boyer's shirt and the torn raincoat belonged to Desi Arnaz.

    • This episode was originally written with Maurice Chevalier in mind. He would later appear in an episode of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Comedy Hour.

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