I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 3

Lucy Meets Orson Welles

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy and Little Ricky come home very cold from playing at the park. Lucy complains to Ethel about Ricky's refusal to move to Florida for the winter so that they can escape the cold. Ricky comes home to an angry Lucy and he doesn't know why she's angry. They talk about going to Florida but Ricky says no. He gets a call from Paul the manager of the club that Orson Wellesis going to appear at a benefit taking place at the club. Paul also mentions that Mr. Welles will come to the club to talk after he finishes a record signing at a department store. He also suggested that Lucy be Welles' magic act assistant. In order to get rid of Lucy Ricky agrees to send Lucy and Little Ricky to Florida. Lucy can't believe he's agreeing. She excitedly tells the Mertzes and Little Ricky. Ethel wants to go too but Fred,of course says it's too expensive. Ricky gives Lucy the credit card to go buy clothes for the upcaoming Florida trip. The girls runs out to go shopping.

While Lucy is trying on skin diving gear Orson Welles enters. Ethel calls to Lucy with the news causing Lucy to rush right out wearing flippers, gloves, and a mask. She introduces herself and Mr. Welles tells her he was looking forward to working with her but heard she was leaving town. Lucy realizes she's been duped then agrees agrees to help Mr. Welles in his act. She assumes that he is asking her to perform Shakespeare which she did in high school.

At home Lucy calls Miss Hannah, her high school drama teacher that she's going to perform Shakespeare with Orson Welles. She even invites them to the club to see the show but Friday night Miss Hannah and her drama students are performing "he Caine Mutiny Court Martial." Lucy promises to send Miss Hannah the notices since she can't be there in person. While practicing her Shakespeare Ethel comes in concerned that Ricky is home because she heard "aye aye aye." Ricky comes home. Lucy reveals that she saw Welles at the department store and found out the truth. She accuses Ricky of lying to prevent her from performing Shakespeare with Orson Welles. Ricky tries to explain that Lucy is only going to be a magician's assistant. Lucy again thinks that Ricky is lying. Even when Ricky tries to get himself out of the lie Lucy thinks that he's lying. She finally agrees not to be Welles' assistant.

Ricky meets up with Mr. Welles at the club. Ricky mentions that Lucy isn't going to be assistant after all. Mr. Welles can't believe that all the stories about Lucy and celebrities are true. Lucy enters dressed in costume performing Shakespeare. Mr. Welles does tell Lucy the truth that she is only wanted as an assistant to his magic act. She can't believe it. Because she told Miss Hannah that she was going to perform Shakespeare she begs him to perform with her. he recites Shakespeare so powerfully that Ricky even stops to pay attention. She does finally agree to be his assistant.

Backstage Lucy gets a visit from Miss Hannah in her dressing room. She is excited when she tells Lucy that she brought the whole drama class with her. Lucy tries to tell Miss Hannah the truth but can't. She refuses to let Miss Hannah down.

On stage Orson Welles is doing his magic and introduces Lucy. He tells the audience he's going to put her to sleep and make her levitate with the use of a step stool and two brooms. The levitation part seems to come off without a hitch and so does the hypnosis...at first. Suddenly, Lucy's eyes dart open and she starts quoting "Romeo & Juliet." Mr. Welles has a hard time trying to out vocalize her to continue his show but fails. She just continues quoting Shakespeare as Miss Hannah and the drama class go wild for her in the audience. Lucy is stuck in the air when Mr. Welles disappears.