I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 15

Lucy Meets the Queen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Ricardos and the Mertzes arrive in London, the first stop on their European tour. They all can't believe they are really there. Fred gets confused with the currency and doesn't tip the bellboy. Ricky gives Lucy a warning not to do any funny business using John Wayne's footprints as an example. Fred mistakenly gives Ethel 10 pounds thinking it's the same as $10. But it's really $28.

The girls hang around outside Buckingham Palace waiting for a glimpse of the queen. Lucy encounters one of the palace guards who is not allowed to smile. Lucy though is determined to make him laugh by telling jokes, dancing around, and making funny faces. Ethel runs over saying she just saw the queen. After talking with a gentleman in the street they hear that the queen is going to a luncheon at their hotel at 1 in the afternoon.

Back at the hotel to meet the queen they come across a mob in the lobby. They can't see who the mob is surrounding. Lucy passes a piece of paper into the mob to get an autograph and they find out that Ricky is in the center of the mob. Lucy gets mad at Ricky for coming back to the hotel at the same time as a queen causing her to miss the queen again. Ricky explains that on opening night the royal family is going to be there and that everyone is going to be presented to the queen. The girls practice their curtesies while the boys practice bowing. The maid shows the girls the proper way to curtesy leading the girls to spend more time practicing.

Ricky comes home that only Ricky and performers of the show are going to be presented to the queen and no one else. While Lucy is in the bathroom Ricky calls his European agent, Phillip Wilcox for information about being presented to the queen. Lucy thinks that Ricky is talking to Prince Phillip. She begs him to be in the show. Ricky agrees because he knows how much she wants to be presented to the queen. He gives her the lead part in the trained horses number. While practicing Lucy gets a charley horse in her leg.

Everything goes fine at the show until Lucy gets another charley horse while dancing. She tries to shake it off but it's too painful, leading to hysterical hijinks. After Ricky has been presented to the queen he tells the Mertzes the good news. The queen wants to meet the young lady "who did the comical dancing." Lucy can't get out of her curtesy so she has two ushers carry her to meet the queen.