I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 15

Lucy Meets the Queen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 1956 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • If you look very closely during the scene where Lucy is trying to make the Welsh guard laugh, you can see the corners of his lips turning up slightly.

    • The costume that Lucy wears during the circus pony number is the same costume that she wore during Ethel's concert in the season 4 episode "Ethel's Home Town".

  • Quotes

    • (Lucy wincing in pain as she practices for the circus pony routine)
      Ricky: What's the matter?
      Lucy: I got a little cramp in my leg. I guess my muscles are tired from all that bowing.
      Ricky: Are you sure you're gonna be all right tomorrow?
      Lucy: Certainly I'll be all right tomorrow, for heaven's sake! A little Charlie horse--that ought to be good for a pony number!

    • Lucy: (confused after Ricky explains British currency) No wonder the Pilgrims left here to go to America!

    • (Explaining British currency to Lucy)
      Ricky: Now, you know how much a pound is?
      Lucy: Sure, sixteen ounces.

    • Lucy: Let's just go by the palace and look--you know--see if the shades are down.
      Ricky: Yeah, and if the milk is on the front porch, don't ring the bell.

    • (Ethel is trying to curtsy low enough)
      Fred: (pushing down on Ethel) Down, girl, down.
      Ethel: Just a minute now, I'll make it. Rome wasn't built in a day.
      Fred: Rome wasn't built like you either.

    • Lucy: Wouldn't you feel terrible if you went home without seeing the queen?
      Ethel: I'd feel much worse if I went home without spending the money Fred gave me.

    • Ethel: Uh, one thing stumped him, though.
      Lucy: What was that?
      Ethel: He didn't know how much to tip the bellhop.
      Fred: I didn't know whether to give him tuppence or threepence.
      Ricky: Fred, threepence is only about three cents.
      Ethel: Well, he solved it rather neatly.
      Lucy: What'd he give him?
      Ethel: Nuppence.

    • Ethel: Oh dear.
      Lucy: What's the matter?
      Ethel: Well, I can't get into my good dress with my girdle off and I can't curtsy with it on.

    • Ethel: (to British man) You'll have to pardon us. We're Americans; we don't understand English.

    • Lucy: (trying to make the guard laugh) Did you ever hear the one about the dog psychiatrist that wrote a book? It's called: Is Your Cocker off his Rocker? Is Your Collie off his Trolley? Is Your Poodle off his Noodle?

    • Lucy: (after hearing a British man's answer to her question) And after living with Ricky for 15 years I thought I could understand anybody.

    • Ricky: Well, back in Hollywood you came home with John Wayne's footprints. I don't want to find Big Ben ticking right next to my bed.

    • Lucy: Let's just go by the palace and look. You know - see if the shades are down.
      Ricky: Yeah, and if the milk is on the front porch, don't ring the bell.

    • Fred: It's not my fault. I just can't figure out the money over here.
      Ethel: What was your excuse in the USA? Fred is now the darling of the bellhops on two different continents.

    • Ethel: I'm going to be presented to a queen! Oh, Lucy I'm scared.
      Fred: Your scared? Think of the queen.

    • Lucy: Ricky, if you don't let me be in that show, I'll give you such a punch, you'll talk funnier than you do now!

  • Notes

    • The scene with Lucy teasing the Queen's guard would later be copied verbatim in the special Ethel Merman on Broadway.

    • Nancy Kulp (Maid) will earn fame as Jane Hathaway on The Beverly Hillbillies. She also appeared in the Ball-Arnaz film "Forever Darling" playing a maid.

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