I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 16

Lucy Misses the Mertzes

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's moving day for the Ricardos but Ethel and Lucy are finding it hard to part ways. They cry on each other's shoulder and exchange house keys. The couples say their toodle-oo's and Lucy forces herself out the door. Fred closes the door and Ethel bursts into a loud wail.

Inside their new house, Lucy and Ricky make busy getting unpacked. Ricky decides to carry Lucy across the threshold. Little Ricky sees this and does the same to his dog, Fred.

Lucy and Ricky talk about how nice the country is, no noise, no dust, no traffic...no Mertzes.

A delivery comes to the door, it's a big basket of fruit from the Mertzes. Lucy wants to call and thank them, but the phone's not hooked up yet. She suggests driving in to the city to see them, but Ricky reminds her that they just got to the country.

That night in bed, Ricky giggles because for the first time in 15 years he doesn't have to call to ask Fred for heat.

They both try to go to sleep, but the quiet is just too loud! Lucy hears something on the roof and jumps in bed with Ricky. He's sure it's just a squirrel running on the roof, or at least he hopes that's all it is. Little Ricky, who's also scared, comes running in with the dog and climbs into bed with his mom and dad.

The next day, the Ricardos are busy unpacking. Lucy decides she needs a little help and calls for Ethel, but Ethel isn't there. When they try to move a trunk, Ricky says it's too heavy for Lucy to help with and turns to go get Fred, but Fred isn't there. After 15 years they're finding old habits are hard to break.

Back in the city, Ethel opens the door and yells to Lucy that she'll be right there, but realizes Lucy is miles away now. Fred reads about the fights in the paper and gets up to see if Ricky has tickets for it, but Ricky's gone too. They try to console each other in their sadness.

The Ricardos are seeing off Little Ricky who's going to spend the night with neighbors. Lucy and Ricky pace the floors, bored. Lucy suggests they go into town. For what, Ricky asks. To have dinner, maybe see a movie....TO SEE THE MERTZES OF COURSE! Ricky is all for that idea.

At the same time, Fred and Ethel are trying to figure out what to do. Ethel suggests talking, but that doesn't work, so she suggests going to visit the Ricardos instead, that gets a rise out of Fred.

At the train station, the Mertzes have arrived and Fred insists they call the Ricardos to pick them up. While they're busy with that, the Ricardos enter the station. They couldn't get the Mertzes on the phone so they decide to just go back home. Ethel returns and announces the phone was being used so tells Fred to try on another phone while she takes a powder. The Ricardos re-enter the station complaining of a flat tire. They'll have to take a cab home from the station. Lucy points out that the man in the phone booth looks just like Fred from the back. They leave. The Mertzes are back in the station and the agent tells them the last cab left already so they have to hoof it to the Ricardos.

They arrive at the house and it looks like nobody's home. While Ethel rests her sore feet, Fred gets some return on the basket of fruit they sent their friends.

Upstairs, Lucy wakens when she hears a noise downstairs. It must be a burglar! Downstairs, the Mertzes hear a noise upstairs and think its a prowler so they hide in the wood closet.

Lucy and Ricky go downstairs but find nothing so they decide to take a look outside. Fred and Ethel come out of the wood closet and make for the back door. Lucy and Ricky come back in. They hear a noise and run to the wood closet. Ethel and Fred come back in because Ethel forgot her shoes. They hear another noise and they to run to the wood closet. A scuffle is heard and the four emerge from the closet all fighting. They're relieved to see each other and also very happy as Lucy and Ethel start hugging and crying again because they missed each other so much.