I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 15

Lucy Plays Cupid

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 1952 on CBS
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Miss Lewis, the Ricardo's elderly neighbor, requests Lucy's assistance in getting the attention of Mr. Ritter, the elderly grocery man whom she is sweet on. Lucy readily agrees to give Mr. Ritter a dinner invitation for Miss Lewis. The first complication arises when Lucy shares the news with Ricky, who spanks Lucy for interfering and makes her promise to give the note back to Miss Lewis. But, when Lucy proceeds to give Mr. Ritter the note anyway, he misunderstands and thinks the invitation is from Lucy herself. This leads to an unsuccessful plan by Lucy to discourage Mr. Ritter and Ricky's telling Mr. Ritter that he can have her. In spite of all these unintended mishaps, Mr. Ritter and Miss Lewis do in fact wind up together, never to be seen on any future episode.moreless

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  • He Loves Lucy

    An older woman enters Lucy's kitchen and informs her that she has a giant crush on an older gentleman. She has a letter she wants Lucy to give the man, but when Lucy does (against Ricky's wishes), the man believes the letter is from Lucy....and he loves her too!

    This episode has a couple of moments, but overall isn't as good as the average Lucy episode. For one thing, the episode largely focuses on the older couple, neither of whom were seen before or will ever be seen again. Also, neither Fred nor Ethel appear at all in this episode (though I've been noticing at least one of them has been curiously absent in a number of these early episodes...they're almost never missing in the later ones). Speaking of Ethel, the older woman in this episode was played by Bea Benaderet, whom Lucy originally wanted to play the part of Ethel instead of Vivian Vance. How different would the show have been had they gone that route? I guess there's no reason to concern myself with it, since that what if scenario will never come to pass. Until next time, folks!moreless
  • Too close to the radio show.

    The character of Lucy in "My Favorite Husband" was not quite the same as the one in the television show, as is very obvious in this episode that borrows heavily from a radio script. In the opening scenes Lucy is practically the straight woman to Bea Benaderet. We have to wait until Lucy's dinner with Mr. Ritter to get the real, crazy redhead back.

    Miss Benaderet, the original choice for the role of Ethel, was also too young for the role of Miss Lewis. Miss Lewis' claim that in candlelight she can look fifty again, sounds weird as Benaderet was only 46 at the time. Her performance as an older woman may have sounded believable on radio, here it comes too close to the cliché portrayal of an aged spinster. What kind of "I Love Lucy" is this when an actress other than Lucy gets to put on a disguise?

    Other gripes I had were the absence of the Mertzes and the physical punishment Ricky inflicts on his wife. The show is somewhat saved by the final act and the appearance of Edward Everett Horton.moreless

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    • Lucy: (just getting off the phone with Ricky) Ricky isn't coming home to dinner. You know, I just think I might keep that date with Mr. Ritter tonight.
      Miss Lewis: That's not fair! He's mine!
      Lucy: Oh, you don't understand, dear. I'm going to get him up here and disappoint him so completely that he wouldn't have me on a silver platter. Then the road will be nice and clear for you.
      Miss Lewis: Oh, oh, fine, fine.
      Lucy: Let's see now. How can I disappoint Mr. Ritter? What do you know about him?
      Miss Lewis: Well, we had a long conversation once over the pickle barrel that sort of raised my hopes. Um...can't stand children. And he likes a tidy appearance. He demands immaculate housekeeping. He likes good cooking--
      Lucy: Hold it, hold it! I think I can change Mr. Ritter's heartthrob to heartburn in one sitting.

    • Mr. Ritter: Steak, haven't had it for months. We have them down at my store, but I can't afford to buy them.

    • Miss Lewis: Oh, husband, that's the most beautiful word in the English language.

    • Miss Lewis: Look, elderberry wine. I made it myself. It's been fermenting since I was 21 years old.
      Lucy: Twenty-one! Must have quite a tang by now.
      Miss Lewis: I thought Mr. Ritter and I could have a couple of belts before dinner.

    • Miss Lewis: I thought that we'd eat by candlelight, because they say it makes you look younger.
      Lucy: Oh, yes, that's right.
      Miss Lewis: Maybe I'll look like a girl of 50 again huh?
      Lucy: Oh, easily.

    • Lucy: They might even get married, and then they'll thank me.
      Ricky: She'll thank you; he'll sue you.
      Lucy: Well! Is that the way you feel about marriage?
      Ricky: No, honey of course not. I think marriage is wonderful. Why, I think marriage is the greatest thing there is in the whole world. It's the only way to live. But if the guy had been clever enough to 'scape it this long, why louse him up now?
      Lucy: What?
      Ricky: Honey, I didn't mean--
      Lucy: I suppose you weren't clever enough.
      Ricky: Well, honey,... now, ... I mean, uh...Well I could have been clever enough, but you were so cute I decided to play dumb.

    • Lucy: Listen, don't let Grandma Lewis fool you. Yes sir! You never know what's in a box by the wrapper.
      Ricky: Well, really, I didn't even look at her wrapper.
      Lucy: I didn't mean that. It's just an expression. It means just because there isn't any fire on a roof that there is no snow in the furnace.
      Ricky: Huh?
      Lucy: (thinks about what she said) It sounded better when she said it.

    • Miss Lewis: I've been carrying the blow torch for Mr. Ritter for five years.

    • Ricky: Just stand there like you are. I want to remember you like this.

    • Ricky: I pass her onto you.
      Mr. Ritter: You pass her into waiting hands.
      Lucy: Wait a minute. Can the football say something?

    • Mr. Ritter: Me? I can't kick. Rheumatism.

    • Miss Lewis: You know the old saying: Just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean there's no fire in the furnace.

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