I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 15

Lucy Plays Cupid

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

While Lucy is making breakfast, Miss Lewis, a neighbor, drops by to ask a favor. Miss Lewis confesses to having a crush on Mr. Ritter, the grocer. The favor is that Miss Lewis wants Lucy to give Mr. Ritter an invite to an intimate supper for two. She cheerfully agrees. Her big mistake is telling Ricky about the favor. He doesn't want her to get involved. He even spanks her when she refuses to mind her business.

Lucy goes to visit Miss Lewis to give her back the invite and explain why she can't go through with the favor. While Lucy is there, Miss Lewis begins describing the plans she's made for the dinner when Mr. Ritter stops by to drop off groceries. Miss Lewis hides while Lucy gives him the invite. Trouble happens when Mr. Ritter accepts the invite thinking that Lucy is in love with him. The invite wasn't signed. Lucy tries to explain, but Mr. Ritter doesn't believe her and accepts dinner with Lucy.

Later that afternoon, Lucy tries to explain what happened to Miss Lewis, but her idea is for Miss Lewis to lure him into her own apartment. The results aren't what Lucy expects. When Ricky calls saying he won't be home for dinner, Lucy decides to keep her dinner date with Mr. Ritter, much to the frustration of Miss Lewis. She asks Miss Lewis what she knows about Mr. Ritter's likes and dislikes. Her plan is to have Mr. Ritter over for dinner and disillusion him with a messy house, bad cooking, and lots of children.

As Ricky is climbing the stairs to his apartment, he runs into Miss Lewis who practices her flirting on him and tells him about Lucy and Mr. Ritter's dinner date. Because of the horrible impression she placed on him, Lucy assumes that Mr. Ritter is going to leave her without a second thought, but the plan is foiled when Mr. Ritter is more passionate than ever about her. Ricky comes in while Mr. Ritter is embracing Lucy. Ricky gives his permission for them to stay together (as his way of getting back at Lucy for not following his directions). Mr. Ritter chases Lucy around the apartment. Then Miss Lewis joins the fray, chasing Mr. Ritter. She also flirts with him. Together they walk out the door.
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