I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 18

Lucy Raises Chickens

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky is at the kitchen table, flabbergasted at the amount of the monthly household bills. He wonders how the bills will get paid. Lucy suggests putting the bills on their lazy Susan, spin them around on it, and whatever bill stays on would be the bill that they would pay. As luck would have it, the Connecticut Light and Power Company wins. Ricky rejects the idea. He continues opening more bills and is shocked to find how high the grocery bill is. Now that the Mertzes have been visiting more often, and therefore more food is being consumed. Lucy brings up the furniture, which is still a sore spot with Ricky, and as he begins tearing in to Betty, she walks in with news that a friend of hers from the magazine House and Garden will be coming to the house to look around and will be including pics in a spread in the magazine if she likes what she sees. In a seeming fit of desperation, Lucy suggests farming to pay the expenses. They ultimately decided to raise chickens, reasoning that they can make more profit--when the chickens no longer produce eggs, they can be sold as poultry. The share their idea with the Mertzes and decide to take out an ad in the paper for an experienced chicken farmer. A few days later, Ricky enters with some responses to the ad. One in particular is from an elderly man who fought in World War I, was an entertainer. The response Ricky reads turns out to be from Fred, who are waiting outside for Ricky. The Mertzes tell the Ricardos that they're interested in the job, explaining that Mrs. Trumbull's sister has agreed to move in and manage the building. The Mertzes won't be able to move in until their things arrive, so The Ricardos agree to allow the Mertzes to stay in the guest room upstairs. Fred says that before they buy the little chicks, he has much to do to get the henhouse ready. About a week later, the girls come in from shopping and announce to Fred that he and Ethel are the proud parents of five hundred baby chicks. Fred orders the girls to get the chicks out the henhouse immediately or they would freeze to death. He also tells Lucy to call the hatcher and have him to send two brooders (incubators). Meanwhile the Mertzes get the baby chicks and Fred has Lucy to turn on the heat, and he and Ethel take the chicks to the den. Fred goes to check the furnace while the girls prepare to feed the baby chicks. With the chicks warmed and fed, everyone goes to the kitchen for lunch. Little Ricky comes home and hears the chirping from the den. He goes inside. During lunch, Lucy and the Mertzes notice that the chirping has gotten louder. Little Ricky enters with a baby chick and Lucy asks if he remembered to close the den door. He says he doesn't remember, and everyone frantically tries shooing the chicks back into the den. Until they can all be accounted for, however, Lucy and the Mertzes forced turn up the heat in the entire house, creating an oversized sauna. Soon enough, everyone's dressed as if it were the middle of July. Ricky comes home and asks what's going on. All but 65 have been found (quite a bit of them are under the clothes dryer). Lucy gets the idea to play mother chick to herd up the other chicks--just as Betty Ramsey and the crew from House & Garden magazine walk in. Lucy is devastated.