I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 18

Lucy Raises Chickens

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1957 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • BIG GOOF: When Ethel & Lucy open up the boxes of chicks to feed them, Lucy accidentally traps one of the chicks (in the box at left) UNDER the box, and it is never noticed by anyone.

    • Goof: In the scene where the foursome are gathered around the table discussing what to put in the ad for the farm hand, when Ricky says "'sperienced chicken farmer", Lucy can be seen mouthing the words at the exact same time as Ricky.

    • Goof 2: When Little Ricky enters through the door into the living room a man's arm is seen opening the door and pushing him in.

    • Goof: The Ricardo's have two washers and dryers; one seen through the swinging door from the dining room into the kitchen and one seen behind the door on the back porch.

    • When Lucy and Ricky discuss the bills, Lucy shares her method of deciding which of the bills should be paid: any bill that stays on the lazy Susan after she spins it would be paid. If you watch very closely as she places each of the bills on the lazy Susan, Lucy takes special care to make sure that the bill in the center stays on while it spins. The bill in the center doesn't fly off because it's secured by a piece of tape or some other adhesive.

  • Quotes

    • (The Ricardos discuss raising chickens)
      Ricky: What about 'spenses?
      Lucy: Well, what 'spenses are there? Shelter and some food. What can a little grain and corn cost? Fifty cents a sack. That's chicken feed. (laughs at her little pun)

    • Ricky: Bills, bills, bills! That's all there is in the mail this morning. Lucy?
      Lucy: I'm sorry. I bought it, I didn't want it anyway, and I'll take it back tomorrow.
      Ricky: Now, now, honey, it's not you this time. It's the household bills.
      Lucy: Oh, thank goodness. The house is gonna catch it for a change.

    • (Betty and the people from Home & Garden have just rejected Lucy as a candidate for a spread after seeing baby chicks all over her living room)
      Lucy: (starting to cry) Oh, dear! Now we'll never get our picture in House & Garden
      Ricky: That's all right, honey. Don't worry. Maybe we'll make the next issue of Chicken Breeder's Gazette.

    • (Lucy and the Mertzes are trying to find the 65 chickens)
      Ethel: Any suggestions?
      Lucy: Yeah, let's wait 'til they grow up. They'll be easier to find.

    • Ricky: What's goin' on? What's all this? Why is the heat up so high? Why are you dressed like up like that?
      Lucy: Well, what question do you want me to answer--what's going on, what's all this, why is the heat up so high, or why are we dressed like this?
      Ricky: Answer them all.
      Lucy: OK. These are baby chicks and the heat's up so high so they won't freeze and we're dressed like this so we won't roast, and this is all going on 'cause Little Ricky left the door to the den open, and would you care for some lemonade?

    • Ricky: Fred, do you really know anything about chickens?
      Fred: Well, for the past 25 years I've been henpecked.

    • (The Mertzes and the Ricardos discuss possibly getting a chicken farmer)
      Fred: You won't have to pay him a salary, Rick. Let him work, give him a place to live, and cut him in for a share of the profits.
      Lucy: Oh, are there people who do that?
      Fred: Why sure. We had a man who did just that when I was a little boy on the farm.
      Lucy: It's hard to believe Fred was ever on a farm.
      Ethel: It's hard to believe he was ever a little boy. (both girls laugh)

    • Lucy: Chickens! Let's raise chickens.
      Ricky: What about corn?
      Lucy: Why corn instead of chickens?
      Ricky: Well, we'll sleep a lot better. Corn doesn't crow at five o'clock in the morning.

    • Lucy: Oh! Just think, honey. Maybe we're gonna get a picture of our home in Home & Garden.
      Ricky: Yeah, great. That'll be another expense. Now we'll have to buy 50 copies of the magazine.

    • Lucy: Well, I'll say one thing for those bills. They've certainly taken your mind off the three thousand dollars I paid for the furniture.
      Ricky: (screams) Oh! I'd forgotten all about that.
      Lucy: Oh! Me and my big mouth!
      Ricky: You spent three thousand dollars for new furniture.
      Lucy: Well now, honey, it would've cost a lot more if Betty Ramsey hadn't gotten us that discount.
      Ricky: That's another thing!
      Lucy: Oh!
      Ricky: If Betty Ramsey hadn't taken you to that wholesale house you wouldn't have spent nearly as much.
      Lucy: Oh me! I've gotta have a talk with my mouth.

    • (Ethel talking about the baby chicks)
      Ethel: Hey listen. They're talkin' about Fred.
      Lucy: They're talkin' about Fred?
      Ethel: They're sayin' "Cheap, cheap,cheap!"

    • (Ricky chuckles)
      Lucy: What's so funny?
      Ricky: I was just thinking. After all these years, I'm gonna be Fred's landlord.
      Fred: Well, I hope you'll be a good one, Rick.
      Ricky: Well, I'll try to be as good a landlord as you were.
      Ethel: Uh-oh! We're in trouble.

    • Ethel: Fred was so excited he couldn't sleep.
      Fred: I can top that. Ethel was so excited she couldn't eat!

    • Ricky: How do you spell 'sperience?
      Lucy: E-X-P--
      Ricky: 'E-X'? You're kidding.

    • (Fred suggests hiring someone to raise the chickens)
      Ricky: We can't afford to hire a hand.
      Lucy: We can't afford to hire a finger.

    • (Lucy brings up the possibility of farming to raise money)
      Ricky: Lucy, we only own two acres, you know. What you're talkin' about will take the entire state of Ioaway [Iowa].

    • Lucy: We're not making the country work for us. You know, we could raise things.
      Ricky: You're right. First thing we gotta raise is money to pay for these bills!

    • Ricky: (looking at another bill) Tree surgery. $50.
      Lucy: Well now, honey, you know how sick that poor old elm was outside. It needed attention.
      Ricky: I know, but $50! I could've had my appendix taken out.

    • Ricky: (Ricky looking at the grocery bill) Groceries. $88. How can three people eat so much?
      Lucy: It's five people. Don't forget the Mertzes have been here every weekend. And you know how this country air affects Ethel's appetite.
      Ricky: Maybe this weekend, you'd better tell Ethel to breathe a little less.

    • Ricky: Lucy, we can't pay our bills by spinning them around on a lousy Susan!
      Lucy: It's a lazy Susan.

    • Ethel: What's the matter, haven't you ever seen me eat before?
      Fred: I've never seen you do anything else!

  • Notes

    • Postage stamps were three cents in the late 50s.

    • This episode was the first to be sponsored by Ford.

    • Like so many episodes, this idea was taken from the Arnazes' true life. As newlyweds at their Desilu Ranch, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz raised chickens, cows, and had several dogs. They ate the eggs and drank the milk from their farm animals, but never slaughtered their pets for food because they became too emotionally attached. The writers remembered her impression of the chickens which made it's way into this episode.

  • Allusions

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