I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 25

Lucy Raises Tulips

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Lucy enters a gardening competition, she wants her lawn to look just right so she can win. Lucy and her neighbor, Betty Ramsey, are both eager to win first prize with their beautiful tulips. Ricky and Fred, the two lazy bums are forced to go outside and mow the lawn with the Ramsey's ride-on lawn mower. But when Lucy and Ethel come back from town, the husbands have gone into NY to see a Yankee game and haven't finished the lawn, meaning Lucy will have to finish. When she gets on the lawn mower, she begins to run amok, not knowing how to stop it. Ethel runs to the telephone to ask the man who sold it to them how to stop it, but Lucy goes on a wild ride through Westport. When she returns, she accidentally plows through Betty Ramsey's tulip bed. They try to fix the problem while Betty is away by replacing the tulips with wax ones that look no different than real tulips. When Ricky and Fred come back, Lucy tells Ricky that it was his fault that Lucy destroyed Betty's flowers. Ricky goes outside in the dark to finish cutting the lawn, much to Lucy's objections. But Ricky doesn't fare well either, as it was too dark to see and he plows through Lucy's tulip bed as well. Ricky asks Fred to buy wax tulips so Lucy doesn't find out. In the morning, Betty discovers that Lucy replaced her tulips, as they were melting in the hot sun and she got disqualified. Lucy almost wins first prize, but before the judges can give her the ribbon, Lucy also finds out that someone replaced her tulips with fake ones, thanks to the hot sun. Ricky tries his best to explain. "It was darker than the inside of your sombrero," he says.

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