I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 25

Lucy Raises Tulips

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 1957 on CBS

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  • One of "I Love Lucy"'s best episodes...ever.

    "Lucy Raises Tulips" was one of the most well-written and entertaining episodes of the series. Lucy feuds with Betty Ramsey in a tulip competition and to make her tulips look better she needs Ricky to mow the lawn, with a fun new gadget: a riding lawn mower! Ricky becomes tired and only mows half of the lawn...so Lucy must jump in-rather jump on the mower. Lucy, of course, doesn't know how to work this wonderful gizmo and ends up, on a mower, riding through her suburan neighborhood and then through a crowded highway--against traffic the whole time! "The way people came out of their lawns to look at me ride by, you'da thought I was Lady Godiva." Fantastic episode!! Ethel also shines as she talks to the shop owner (where the lawn mower was purchased) and is forced to scream over the audience's laughter! Ms. Ball was brilliant at physical comedy and this was episode was no exception! Of course, when Lucy runs over Betty's tulips--things seem to become even worse..we then find out Ricky accidently mowed over Lucy's tulips as well---both women have fake tulips that melt in the sun. Funny, wonderful episode! 5 stars out of 5. ...And a bit ahead of it's time...
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