I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 25

Lucy Raises Tulips

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 1957 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • What's In a Name?: Just what was Ricky Ricardo's full name anyway? During season four in "Hollywood Anniversary," Ricky calls Western Union to get the License Bureau to wire him the date of his marriage to Lucy. He gives his name as Ricardo Alberto Fernando Ricardo y de Acha. In "Lucy Raises Tulips," however, when Lucy insists that Ricky keep his promise to cut their lawn, she uses this moniker: Enrique Alberto Ricardo y de Acha III. Desi Arnaz's real full name is Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III.

    • The sneakers Desi Arnaz (Ricky Ricardo) wears during the show are Keds Surfers (most likely Navy Blue as the episode is in Black & White). They have the inlaid Keds logo in the gum sole showing they are from the late 1950's or the 1960's. The logo moved from the gum sole to the heel around 1973.

  • Quotes

    • Ethel: I was just next door at Betty Ramsey's and her tulips are beautiful too. In fact her whole garden is just gorgeous. She really has a green thumb.
      Lucy: If I win that prize tomorrow, she'll be green all over.

    • Lucy: Ralph cut the grass for Betty.
      Ricky: Well, I would too if I had a power mower like Ralph has.
      Lucy: Well, good. And Ralph said you could borrow his power mower any day you want. So then it's all settled.
      Ricky: Except that today is not the day I want to borrow it.
      Lucy: You promised to cut the grass, Enrique Alberto Ricardo y de Acha III! (Ricky gets up to cut the grass)
      Fred: Are you gonna do it?
      Ricky: When she uses my full name, I'm cooked.
      Ethel: Go help him, Fred.
      Fred: I will not!
      Ethel: You go out there and help him, Frederick Hobart y de Mertz the first! (Fred gets up to join Ricky)
      Ricky: Hobart, huh? (chuckling)

    • Lucy: Ricky?
      Ricky: Oh hi, honey.
      Lucy: Do you think if a person makes a promise, he should keep it?
      Ricky: Sure, honey.
      Lucy: And if a husband makes a promise to his wife and doesn't keep it, isn't he a cad?
      Ricky: I guess so.
      Lucy: Then why didn't you cut the grass?
      Ricky: Hi, Ethel.
      Lucy: What have you got to say?
      Ricky: Well, it looks like you're married to a cad.

    • (Lucy talking to Ethel about Betty Ramsey's gardening skills)
      Lucy: You know, the way she brags about the cross pollination she does, you'd think she was a bee.

    • Lucy: You know, you ought to have a garden, Ethel. Then you could have fresh flowers all the time.
      Ethel: Oh, who has to work so hard? I just went down to the village gift shop and bought some wax tulips and you can't tell the difference.
      Lucy: Wax tulips? Oh, Ethel! How can you live with a substitute when you could have the real thing?
      Ethel: I've been asking myself that ever since I married Fred.

    • Ethel: Lucy, was there much damage?
      Lucy: Well every lawn between here and town is half mowed.
      Ethel: Well, at least nothing too terrible happened.
      Lucy: Don't be so sure. As I was coming back I plowed straight throught Betty's garden.
      Ethel: Lucy, what happened?
      Lucy: (makes a violent horizontal slashing motion) Whoosh!
      Ethel: All of 'em?
      Lucy: All the tulips. When I looked back all I could see was a sea of stems.

    • Lucy: Next thing I knew, I was on the Boston Post Road.
      Ethel: The Boston Post Road! Why did you go onto a busy highway like that?!
      Lucy: It wasn't my idea! That beast has a mind of its own! I was on that road for a mile and a half. Against traffic all the way!

    • Ethel: Lucy, where've you been?
      Lucy: Oh, where haven't I been? I've seen parts of Conneticut I didn't even know existed.

    • Lucy: First that monstrosity took me right through the main street of town. From the way people came out of their houses to watch me go by you'd have thought I was Lady Godiva.

  • Notes

    • This is Mary Jane Croft's final episode as Betty Ramsey.

    • In real life, Lucy loved flowers and grew them in pots around her Beverly Hills home. Her favorite flowers were peonies and lilacs which grew quite well in the East where she was raised.

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