I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 4

Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 1951 on CBS
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Lucy is deeply engrossed in a brand-new whodunit, called "The Mockingbird Mystery," and is, understandably, a nail-biting wreck. Making matters worse, Ethel's amateur attempts at fortune telling point to her ultimate "murder." The icing on the cake is a misunderstood phone conversation between Ricky and his agent, Jerry. Ricky decides to pour a sedative for Lucy so that she can relax, but she thinks it's poison. With what she believes is her last burst of energy, she hastens to the Tropicana to confront Ricky with a gun.moreless

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  • Lucy is worried that Ricky would get rid of her

    Ricky comes home from the club,all tired and all.He begin to tell Lucy,about his day.However Lucy wasn't paying attention to him.She was reading an book called "To Kill An Mocking Bird" she wanted to know who did it.Ricky begin to say that it could've been the husband,because he was tired of marrying her.After Ethel,did an tarrot card reading with Lucy.Lucy hears Ricky saying that he would get rid of her.This scared Lucy of course! Ricky think that Lucy gone crazy.Fred gives him some medicine to give to Lucy to relax her.However Lucy watching from the bedroom door thinking that it was an posion! She never tooked it! But she did at the end thinking that if she goes Ricky would go would her too.

    This was an silly episode.moreless
  • omg such a funny eposide

    i loved this eposide lucy thinks ricky is trying to killl her because of the book she is reading with the scarf i loved classic and then the pots and pans so funny and then she thinks ricky is going to replace her and then she funds the gun thats fake i loved it it was funny i love thiis show its sad thart lucy died she was asmoe they stil run the shows and ricky says lucy is acting crazey crazy for people or crazy for lucy lol so funny . this is one of my favrite eposide . if u do not wacth it i think u should its really funnymoreless
  • When Ricky comes home from the club, he finds Lucy reading a murder book. Lucy drops her book out of the window when Ricky says hi to her. The next morning, Ethel comes over. When she says hi to Lucy she drops her murder book out of the window agin. Ethelmoreless

    shows Lucy her new card game. It says death on a card. Lucy thinks she might die. Lucy hears Ricky talking on the phone. It is about one of his acts down at the club. Lucy thinks Ricky is planing to kill her. After Ricky leaves, Lucy finds a gun. She didn't know it was a gun for a act at the club. When Ricky comes home, Lucy ask Ricky why is he going to kill her. Lucy runs in the bed room. Fred comes over and gives some sleeping to Ricky to give to Lucy. It is very funny.moreless
  • a good one

    I am writing this review for one reason this is the very first Episode of I love Lucy I remember watching as a child, the pure genius of the writing the Charecters got me hooked from day one this episode has all the best moments of Slapstick and understated humor, the reason why I started loving Lucy

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • After Lucy has taken the "poison aka sleeping pill" and goes to the club to confront Ricky, if you watch, when Lucy gives a big yawn from the effects of the pill, it triggers a yawn in Ethel too.

    • It is interesting to see in the bedroom scene where Ricky acts out a murderous scenario that they share one bed. During this period of TV history, networks usually forbade scenes where a man and woman (even though they were married) slept together in the same bed.

    • When Ricky and Lucy are dancing in the living room, the camera swings too far to the left, and the edge of the set wall and the adjoining bedroom set can be seen briefly

    • When Ricky picks up the phone you can see a stage light.

    • In this episode, Lucy is running away from Ricky after her attempts as a moving target don't work. Under her robe she has a frying pan and a garbage can lid to protect herself. But when she runs toward the bedroom, the frying pan accidentally falls to the floor. Looking closely, you can see Lucy loosen the pan herself. Some accident!

    • After Ricky puts the sleeping pill in Lucy's drink, Lucy acts like she wants to dance. When they put down their cups, Lucy's is on the right (from your view) and Ricky's is on the left. Lucy switches them, and then so does Ricky to get them back in the original position. Then notice when they drink the soda, that Lucy drinks from the one on the left and Ricky drinks from the cup on the right. They drank from each other's cup. That would mean that Ricky would be the one falling asleep, not Lucy!

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Ethel has just startled Lucy)
      Ethel: Gosh, did I scare you?
      Lucy: No, no. I was just getting ready to scream and throw my book out the window anyway.

    • Lucy: I'm not even cold yet and Ricky's lining up girls to take my place. (reading the ink blotted side of a piece of paper Ricky jotted on) Helen, Ann, Mary, Cynthia, Alice, Theodore. Theodore?!

    • Lucy: Now what does this grubby group of cards have to say for itself?
      Ethel: Well, this is your card--the Queen of Hearts. That's you. And this card right next to it is the Ace of Spades.
      Lucy: What does that mean?
      Ethel: Death.
      Lucy: Death? (throwing the cards on the table) Well what's it doing so close to me?

    • Ricky: Lucy's acting crazy.
      Fred: Crazy for Lucy or crazy for ordinary people?
      Ricky: Crazy for anybody. She has this idea that I am going to kill her.
      Fred: That doesn't mean anything. Sooner or later every married woman decides her husband wants to kill her. She's usually right.

    • Lucy: Well, fortunately I'm too big for the garbage disposal.

    • Lucy: (talking about Ricky) He won't shoot you; it's me he's after.
      Ethel: Yes, but to get to you he has to go through me!

    • Ricky: A trained seal? Does he do an act?
      Jerry: No, the seal's the manager. He has a couple of trained people.

    • Lucy: (to Ethel about fortune telling) Yeah, I know there's nothing to it. But I want to know what it is there's nothing to.

    • Lucy: Look, Ethel, we just rent this apartment from you. It says nothing in the lease about having to have our fortunes told.

    • Lucy: No wonder they call it The Mockingbird Murder Mystery. Every time I get that book in my hands it flies out the window.

    • (Lucy runs down the list of suspects in the book.)
      Ricky: It was her husband.
      Lucy: Her husband? He didn't have any reason to kill her.
      Ricky: He was married, wasn't he?

    • (Lucy wants Ricky to go get her book that she threw out the window.)
      Ricky: I'm a husband, not a retriever.

    • Lucy: (on receiving "poison" from Ricky) I got a Mickey from Ricky!

  • NOTES (5)

    • The dvd has a lost scene with Lucy suggesting some books to read to help improve Ricky's mind.

    • New footage was shot for the November 3, 1952 rerun while Lucille was on maternity leave. Lucy brings home paperback mystery books, which leads into a flashback of what happened the last time she read a mystery novel.

    • There is no "cityscape" backdrop visible outside the Ricardo's bedroom as in later episodes, but there is a small tree visible, suggesting they have a ground floor apartment. It comes to be known in "Cuban Pals" their apartment is 4A.

    • This was actually the fourth episode of "I Love Lucy" to air. Although it was the first episode filmed, it had to be held over for a little while, due to postproduction technical difficulties.

    • Filmed on September 8th, 1951


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