I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 4

Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 1951 on CBS

Episode Recap

Late at night Lucy is reading a book titled The Mockingbird Murder Mystery. She's so engrossed in the book she doesn't realize that Ricky came home. When he kisses her she throws the book out the window. In order to satisfy her undying curiosity about who's the murderer in the book Ricky acts out a mock scenario where the husband is the murderer. This alarms Lucy.

The next morning Lucy retrieves her book and continues reading while cooking breakfast. Ethel stops by wanting to chat. Again Lucy doesn't realize that Ethel is in her kitchen and the book goes flying out the window again. Ethel tells Lucy's fortune with a deck of playing cards. In her hand the ace of spades (signifying death) is next to the queen of hearts (Lucy's card). However Lucy's nervous because of the act Ricky put on the other night before bed.

In the living room, Ricky answers a call from Jerry, his agent, about a dog act for the club whose names are Anne, Mary, Helen, Cynthia, Alice, and Theodore. He decides to let go of his singer so that he has enough money for the dog act. Lucy overhears and thinks that Ricky is talking about her. There is also a gun in the desk drawer. Lucy thinks that Ricky tried to shoot her when he was only slamming the desk drawer. She also mistakes the dog's names as women who are going to take her place.

Thinking Ricky is going to kill her, Lucy tries to protect herself with a garbage can lid and a frying pan. She also plans to keep moving "because a moving target is hard to hit." Ricky tries to talk to her but she runs into the bedroom and locks the door. Fred comes up wanting to help. He gives Ricky a sleeping powder to put into Lucy's drink so that she will calm down. When Fred leaves, Ricky places the powder into a glass but Lucy overseeing it thinks it's poison. After drinking it she's convinced she's going to die. Ricky leaves for the club. Because Lucy has fallen asleep on the couch Ethel thinks that she's dead.

Lucy seeking revenge grabs the gun and goes to the club to shoot Ricky. Ricky introduces her to the dogs whose names she saw earlier. Ricky shows her that the gun is just a gag. Lucy realizes it really was sleeping powder in her drink.

Lucy is again reading her book. When Ricky comes home she kisses her the book goes flying out the window again but this time she was smart enough to tie a string to the book and reels it back in.