I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 14

Lucy Wants to Move to the Country

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

Upon her return from a trip to Westport, Connecticut, Lucy raves to Ethel about how great the country is. She's even brought back fresh butter, jam and eggs from their friend Marion Strong. She tells Ethel that they looked at a beautiful house while they were there and imagines how great it would be to live there herself. Ethel, not wanting to lose her best friend, disagrees, but Lucy interjects "I'm just thinking about little Ricky" and Ethel counters with "And I'm just thinking about Big Ethel". Lucy comforts Ethel by telling her that they can come to the country to visit whenever they like, a train ticket is only $3.08 apiece. At $3.08 apiece, she knows they'll never get to the country with Fred's tight clutch on his wallet.

The wheels in Lucy's brain start whirring as she comes up with a plot to talk Ricky into buying that house in Westport.

Operation Westport begins with Lucy moving all the furniture close together in the middle of the room to show how crowded they are. She then goes around layering everything with a thick slab of dust. She tops it off by putting powder on her face so she looks pasty from lack of fresh air and sunlight in the noisy city. Ricky arrives home and is not one bit moved. She doesn't let him off so easily and keeps nagging him about moving. She leaves the room and Ricky whispers to the Mertzes that he already put a $500 deposit down for that house in the country. He's going to surprise Lucy with it for their anniversary. It's not good news for all as Ethel is already starting to get misty eyed over the prospect of Lucy not being next door anymore.

Lucy comes back into the room nagging like she'd never left. Ethel can't hold back the water works anymore and begs Lucy to not think about moving away. Soon Lucy's gushing tears and has a change of heart. She's glad Ricky is so pigheaded now, because she was crazy for ever thinking about moving away and leaving the Mertzes. As the girls console each other, Ricky breaks the news about the house. Lucy's blindsided, she's not sure what to do but insists she wants to stay in New York now. She asks if Ricky can get back the deposit. He'll try, but doesn't sound hopeful.

The next day Lucy asks Ricky about the deposit, but the owner of the house won't break the deal.

It doesn't take long for Lucy to come up with a plan. She and the Mertzes will go get that deposit back by making themselves seem undesirable for the neighborhood.

At the house in Connecticut, Gerald & Eleanor Spaulding, the owners of the house, are busy packing and getting ready to move. The doorbell rings and in walks Lucy, Ethel & Fred all dressed up like mobsters. They appear as smart talking, gum popping rubes. The Spauldings are shocked. Lucy tells them that the other day she and Ricky were just pretending to be upstanding citizens, what they really are is a group of cutthroat gun toting gangsters. A gun falls out of Fred's pocket and Lucy scolds him for packing heat and takes the gun away. They're so convincing that the Spauldings are more than happy to return the deposit to them. They go to get the check that Ricky gave them, but come out pointing a shotgun at the madcap mobsters. They demand that the interlopers leave immediately. The three with their hands in the air trip over themselves trying to explain what's going on. The Spauldings aren't buying it one bit. They point out the fact that Lucy has a gun, she shows them that it's one of little Ricky's squirt guns.

As Lucy and the Mertzes are trying to get away without buckshot in their hides, Ricky arrives and is shocked when Mr Spaulding points the gun at him and tells him to get with the others. Ricky tells the Spaldings how his crazy wife and her crackpot friends are always doing things like this. Mr Spalding agrees to speak with Ricky in private so they can clear the whole mess up.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Ethel are really getting a gander and the old house and both are changing their minds to the side of moving to the country.

Ricky and Mr Spaulding return and the whole mess is cleared up. They're about to leave when Lucy announces to Ricky that she does want the house after all. Mr Spaulding agrees but the price has just gone up $500 for what Lucy and the Mertzes put the couple through. Ricky agrees and Lucy throws her arms around her adorable husband and accidentally squirts Mr Spaulding in the face with her squirt gun. He then demands $50 more.