I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 17

Lucy Writes a Play

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy is alternately miming and typing at a typewriter. She doesn't even notice when Ricky comes home. When Ricky casually asks her what she's doing, Lucy simply tells him that she's writing a play. She is thrilled when she is finally finished with her 125 page play for the play writing contest for all the local women's clubs in the city. She confesses to Ricky that she was chosen to write the play because she is close to the star of the play. When Ethel comes up, the three rehearse the play, which has a strong Cuban influence, leading Ricky to be suspicious that he is going to be the lead. Ethel then shouts out that the only reason Lucy was chosen to write the play was because Ricky would be acting in it. Ricky refuses to be in the play and leaves Lucy without a leading male. Lucy tries calling actors for the lead, but they won't work for free. Ethel suggests Fred because he's available, but because he's a failure at the Spanish accent, all three decide to change the nationality of the lead actor to British. Fred is practicing his part of the play. Ricky drops in asking if Fred wants to go to the fights. Fred begs off because he's working on the play, but when Ricky hears that a famous Hollywood executive is judging the contest, he wants back in the play. Fred offers Ricky his British-themed script, but Ricky says he has his own copy and that he is going to surprise Lucy. That night The Perils of Pauline debuts, but is fraught with problems when the door won't open and Lucy is forced to cut through the backdrop to make her entrance. Ricky comes in ready, following the original Cuban-themed script. Lucy and Ethel are mortified; they try to improv their way through the play, but realize that they can't. Lucy signals for the curtains to close. They argue backstage with Lucy thinking that Ricky is trying to sabotage the production. She gives him the British-themed script. When the curtains rise again, Lucy and Ethel are prepared to perform the original A Tree Grows in Havana, but when Ricky enters, he's ready for the British version with an equally funny accent. All three sit down discouraged.
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