I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 24

Lucy's Bicycle Trip

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy comes back to the hotel shivering because she was swimming in the Mediterranean Sea even though the water is freezing. The Mertzes come by to try and determine what mode of transportation they are going to use to get to Nice, France. Fred votes for the bus because it's the cheapest. Ethel and Ricky want the train because it's faster. Lucy wants to go by bicycle so she can see the country and because everyone else in Italy rides bicycles. Lucy leaves to reserve her bicycle. Ricky decides to go on a bike to watch out for Lucy. The Mertzes give in to peer pressue plus Ethel wants to ride a tandem bicycle. Knowing the group would change their minds Lucy already reserved four bicycles.

After their first day on the journey they are exhausted and ask a farmer to put them up for the night. First Ethel tries in Italian but fails. Lucy then pantomimes what they want. The farmer shows them to the barn, explaining that there's no more room in the house because he has nine kids. They sleep on hay bales.

Lucy wakes up to a goat nibbling her ear. While looking at Fred a chicken lays an egg on his stomach. The farmer brings them bread and shows them the cow to milk but no one knows how. Lucy sets the canteen under the cow expecting it to fill by itself. Everyone else goes to wash their faces. The farmer comes back and shows Lucy how to milk a cow. The others come back impressed.

They finally make it to the Italy/France border. Lucy is the last to cross but she can't find her passport. She says that it's in her blue purse which is packed in the trunk in Nice. Since she can't cross the border without a passport the boys leave to bicycle to Nice. Ethel stays with Lucy but she can't cross the border to sit with Lucy because Fred has her passport. Later Ricky calls saying that they don't have the trunk key so they can't open the trunk. Lucy has the key. Ethel takes the key to Nice. Much later Ricky calls again saying that Ethel got there with the key but that they still can't find her passport. She suddenly remembers that her passport has been in her backpack the whole time on the other side of the border. Because the guards won't let her get her backpack Lucy calls the hotel leaving a message for Ricky that only says "Help." She tries to disguise herself as a biker in a race to cross the border but the guards stop her.

Ricky comes back and shows the guard her passport. After the guards check it Lucy hands it back to Ricky for safekeeping. But she realizes that she left her bike on the other side of the border. She crawls in the boarder gate, grabs ber bike but is faced with a new border guard asking for her passport. Lucy yells to Ricky for help.