I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 24

Lucy's Bicycle Trip

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 1956 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In "Lucy Raises Chickens", Fred wants to become the Ricardo's ranch hand because he grew up on a farm. Yet, in this episode, when it comes to milking the cow, Fred passes because he has no experience. If Fred grew up on a farm, it's highly unlikely that he wouldn't know how to milk a cow.

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: Hello, I'd like Ricky Ricardo's room please.....He's not in? Well, I'd like to leave him this message ...HELP! ....No, no name, he'll know who it's from.

    • Lucy: (to Ethel on the other side of the border) It's nice to know I have a friend in the next country.

    • Lucy: (to cow) Hey how about giving me a quart? Or a pint? Well make it easier on yourself a half a pint.

    • Lucy: Well Ricky, go ahead, milk the cow.
      Ricky: Not me.
      Lucy: Why not? You said you were raised on a farm in Cuba.
      Ricky: I was, but you don't milk cigars.

    • Ethel: How'd you sleep?
      Lucy: Oh, pretty good, but when I woke up there was an old goat next to me.
      Ethel: So what? That happens to me every morning of my life.

    • Ricky: My legs are tired.
      Lucy: It's good for them. It makes strong leg muscles.
      Ricky: Oh sure, just what I need. To play the conga drum with my feet.

    • Ethel: Let's do it too, huh, Fred? You can get one of those bicycles built for two.
      Fred: Yeah, that will be fine for you but what am I going to ride?

    • Fred: Some group - three wet blankets and a crazy quilt.

    • Ethel: Well, you'll never get me up on a bicycle.
      Fred: On behalf of bicycle seats everywhere, thank you.

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