I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 21

Lucy's Night in Town

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 1957 on CBS

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  • Lucy first time back in new york well spending in New York to see an show.

    Lucy and the others head to New York,to see an broadway show.Lucy and Ethel,goes ahead to the restaurant to have dinner before the show.While Lucy and Ethel,was waiting for the boys to come for dinner.Lucy discovered that the show was already starting.The girls tried to pretend to keep eating so that way the boys don't figure it out.When they got to the theater they missed the show! However they were lucky for the next one.Only there was two tickets fighting to see who would go see it deciding that Lucy and Ethel,would see the first half than Ricky and Fred see the second half.When Lucy saw the two seats near them empty.They decided to sneak back in to see the show.However it backfires.Even when Lucy was accuse of stealing an woman's purse,that she thought it was Ethel.

    It was an awsome episode.Too bad that they missed the show.
  • This is Lucy's first night in New York City in 6 weeks. Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred are going to have dinner and see a play. Lucy looks at the tickets at dinner. She got the tickets for the wrong time. Lucy and Ethel take a long time eaing there dinner.

    Ricky looks at there tickets. They go to the play to see if they can get some more tickets. They only have 2 tickets left. They decide to take turns. Lucy and Ethel first then Ricky and Fred. When it's Ricky and Fred's turn they decide to stay with them. Lucy drops Ethel's purse. Lucy goes to get. Ethel looks at it and says it's not her purse. The other lady tells the manger that Lucy took her purse. Ethel says she didn't. They get things settled. Ethel tells Fred his $500 is missing. Fred says he took it out.