I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 33

Lucy's Schedule

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 26, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky is pacing around waiting for Lucy to finish getting ready. Her only answer is "I'll be ready in a minute, dear." Ricky tries to help her but he takes practically every dress out of the closet. The Mertzes are ready to go but Ethel doesn't look too happy. Ethel is only wearing her undergarments under her coat.

The next night it is important for Lucy to be on time because Ricky has a meeting with Mr. Littlefield the new owner of the Tropicana. She is ready ahead of schedule because she turned the clock back so that she would have an extra hour to get ready. But she should have turned the clock forward. Now they're an hour late for dinner with the Littlefields.

the Littlefields are waiting for the Ricardos and we learn they have the very same problem with time management. Alviin criticizes a bowl of wax fruit saying they are tacky. When the Ricardos arrive they learn the Littlefields ate without them. Ricky lies saying that since they knew they were going to late that they already ate even though they are both really starving. Alvin describes the dinner leaving Lucy to salivate. When Phoebe offers them after dinner mints Lucy empties the bowl and stuffs them in her mouth. Because she's hungry she picks up a wax apple thinking that it's real. It gets stuck in her mouth. When they get home Ricky is furious with Lucy's tardiness and makes out a daily schedule so that she can budget her time better.

One morning Lucy shows a flaw in the schedule. She made breakfast the night before and placed it in the freezer because Lucy knew that she wouldn't have time that morning. Ricky leaves after not eating anything for his appointment with Alvin. Ricky eats breakfast there leading Alvin to wonder if he ever eats at home. Alvin is ready to let Ricky be manager of the club but he really concerned that he wasn't able to get his wife on time to the dinner they were supposed to have together. At the meeting Ricky brags to Alvin that he has Lucy "hopping around like the trained seal." Ricky invites the Littlefields over for dinner to see "Lucy perform."

Back at the Ricardo apartment, Lucy and Ethel get a visitor. It's Phoebe Littlefield. She's up in arms about this whole schedule business because her husband now wants to put her on one also, as does Fred with Ethel. Lucy tells them that it isn't so bad, and she's doing it for Ricky's career. Phoebe then points out that she overheard Ricky telling her husband how Ricky's got Lucy jumping up and down like a trained seal. Lucy quickly angers and calls for a united front of the women. She asks Ethel and Phoebe to help teach all their husbands a lesson at dinner that evening.

That same night, the Littlefields and Mertzes are both at the Ricardos for dinner. They exchange pleasantries, but Lucy cuts them short, they have to stay on schedule of course. She sits them down and brings on the first course of the meal. No sooner does she serve everyone when she and the other women jump up and gather the food before anyone gets a chance to taste anything. The next course comes and the same thing happens. The main course gets served and the girls get the buns to the table by pitching them from the kitchen to the living room. The guys look at their main course, it's still frozen. Lucy tells them that her schedule didn't permit time to defrost. Alvin even finds a shirt button in his waterglass, Lucy found out she could save time by washing the laundry and dishes together.

Ricky has had it and starts to give Lucy a scolding. Alvin jumps to her defense. He is disgusted at how Ricky's schedule has Lucy so nervous from hopping around to keep up with the schedule. He takes the schedule and rips it in half. Just as Ricky starts to apologize, Alvin tells him that being a task master at home is completely wrong, but that it's the perfect way to run a business and congratulates him, the new nightclub manager.
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