I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 8

Men are Messy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 1951 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy is busy cleaning the apartment. She gets a call from Ethel wondering what they are doing for the evening. While Lucy's in the kitchen, Ricky comes home, scattering papers, eating fruit, and rearranging the furniture. When Lucy comes back into the family room she can't believe the mess he's made. Lucy picks up the latest issue of Half Beat magazine that has an article on Tommy Dorsey at home. Dorsey is dressed in a suit with a tie, and the house is tidy. Ricky is upset because Kenny, his press agent promised that he would be in that issue. The Mertzes call to say they are coming up. Before they get there, Lucy is busy trying to tidy up the apartment, but Ricky won't help clean up the mess he made. She decides to divide the apartment in half. Fred and Ethel come over and must decide on which side they want to sit. Fred joins Ricky on the messy "lived in" side while Ethel joins Lucy on the clean side. A moment later Kenny, the press agent calls. Now comes the problem of how Lucy and Ricky are going to answer the phone because it is on the dividing line, and everything on the line needs to be divided in half. Ricky's press agent promises he will get the next magazine spread. Ricky wants to go in the kitchen for cold beer and some chicken to eat, but of course, the kitchen is on Lucy's side and she won't let him through. Lucy wants to show Ethel some new bath salts that she bought, but Ricky won't let her go to the bathroom since it is on his side of the apartment. At the club, Ricky meets photographer Jim White who will take pictures of Ricky at home. He tries to call Lucy to warn her to clean the apartment, but the phone is busy. Ethel comes up with a message for Lucy from Ricky to clean up the apartment because a reporter is coming by. However, Lucy wants to make sure that this situation doesn't happen again so she works out a plan with Ethel. Ricky brings Jim home and opens the door to a huge pig sty. Clothes lines are hanging across the family room, chickens are flying, and garbage is everywhere. Ricky tries to gag his way out of the apartment saying that they walked into the wrong one but Lucy enters dressed in overalls and a flannel shirt. Jim is having a good time taking pictures and Ricky tries to stop him because he doesn't want to be embarrassed. The girls say that they are going hunting in the master bedroom and later they walk out with a huge black bear. Lucy gets a huge shock when she learns that the photographer is for Look magazine. When the magazine comes out, she cries. Although Jim promised he wouldn't use any pictures of Lucy or the apartment in the article, she was on the cover with the bear she had "hunted".