I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 8

Men are Messy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 1951 on CBS

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  • Lucy in a mess!

    The Ricardo's apartment is usually kept pretty clean. Not so much the case in this episode. Ricky comes home from a hard day of banging on a drum and wants to get comfortable. In the span of a minute, he manages to mess up the entire living room. Not quite to the extent that I'm capable of messing up my apartment (trust me, in real life it can get much worse when us men are left to clean things up!). Lucy isn't happy when she's sees the way Ricky's arranged the living room. The two of them end up dividing the apartment in half so each of them can keep their half the way they please. Of course, this is Lucy's ideas. And like pretty much all of her ideas (when will she learn?), it's bound to backfire.

    Awww, the old divide the home in half story. I'm not sure if I Love Lucy was the first series to do this, but it certainly wasn't the last. Of course, anyone who has watched any other episode of this show can tell you that Ricky isn't normally a slob like this. That's too bad because I was liking the way he and Fred decorated the place. It really started to look like a home!

    This was a pretty good episode, and a really good indication of better things to come.
  • Men are messy and girls are the cleanist

    When Lucy came home,finding the house an mess.When Fred and Ethel are about to come up.She tells Ricky to clean up the place and put some shoes on.Ricky pointed out that it was just Ethel and Fred not an important company.Lucy decided to divide the apartment by her half clean and Ricky the mess.However when Ricky tries to get something to eat.He can't used the kitchen from Lucy's side.However when Lucy wanted to show Ethel her new bath soap.She couldn't go through Ricky side either.At practice an photographer came telling Ricky that he would take picture of his home.Lucy thinking that it was the muscian magazine.She decided to make the house an pig pen.She than later find it was the look magazine not the musicen.It was funny I mean one of my fav I Love Luy episode.