I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 8

Men are Messy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 1951 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Lucy was referring to was the fact that the Mertzes came back in 2 weeks, Ricky would be starving & her hair would be brunette because she would be unable to dye it red. It was an ongoing joke that she dyed her hair.

  • Quotes

    • (The phone rings and Ricky gets up to answer the phone)
      Lucy: Uh, uh, uh. It's on the line.
      Ricky: We have to answer it.
      Lucy: We're going to. (Lucy and Ricky pick up the phone) Hello? (to Ricky) Well go ahead. Listen to your half and see who it is.
      Ricky: (listening through the speaker) Oh. It's Kenny, my press agent. Tell him I'm plenty mad at him.
      Lucy: (into the receiver) Hello, Kenny. Ricky says to tell you he's plenty mad at you.
      Ricky: Why am I mad at you?
      Lucy: Why am I mad at you?
      Ricky: Because you've been promising me a spread in Half Beat magazine since last Febriary. 'Splain that if you can.
      Lucy: Because you've been promising me a spread in Half Beat magazine since last Febriary. 'Splain that if you can.
      Ricky: Oh.
      Lucy: Oh.
      Ricky: Oh.
      Lucy: Oh.
      Ricky: I see.
      Lucy: I see.
      Ricky: They're gonna do the next one on me. Well, so long, kid. Take iteasy.
      Lucy: Well, so long, kid. Take iteasy.
      Ethel: (shaking her head) If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it!
      Fred: Well, I saw it and still don't believe it.

    • Ricky: My press agent told me that I was gonna get the next spread. It was going to be "Ricky Ricardo at Home."
      Lucy: What magazine was it gonna be in,'Better Homes and Garbage'?

    • Ricky: Honey, just drop the subject, will you?
      Lucy: I'd be glad to drop it if there was any more room on the floor.

    • Lucy: This'll give your musician fellers a laugh, huh?
      Photographer: What do you mean, 'musician fellers?'
      Ethel: Well, who else reads your darn magazine but musician fellers?
      Lucy: Yeah!
      Ricky: Lucy . . .
      Lucy: Huh?
      Ricky: This man is not from 'Half Beat' Magazine
      Lucy: He ain't?
      Photographer: No, I'm from 'Look' Magazine!
      Lucy: Eeeeewwww!

    • Lucy: You get Philip and I get Morris.

    • Lucy: It must have been quite a trip coming through the washing machine.
      Ethel: I didn't mind the washing machine, but I darn near passed out coming through the wringer.

    • Ricky: (talking about their apartment) It's a regular pig pen.
      Lucy: It ain't a regular one, but it'll do.

    • (After seeing Lucy dressed as a hillbilly)
      Jim: Do you know who this is?
      Ricky: I don't even know what it is. Get me a stick and I'll kill it.

    • Lucy: Come back in a couple of weeks, Ethel. We'll still be here - a starving Cuban and a dirty brunette.

    • (After the Mertzes watch the Ricardos answer the phone)
      Ethel: If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it.
      Fred: I saw it, and I still don't believe it.

    • Lucy: Pull up some debris and sit down, Fred.

    • Ricky: I just want a cigarette.
      Lucy: Half of what's in this pack is mine. (crumples package)
      Ricky: You mean that's the only cigarette we have in the house?
      Lucy: Yes, you get Phillip and I get Morris. (splits cigarette in half)

    • (Lucy tells Ricky he needs to put on a tie.)
      Lucy: Because company is coming.
      Ricky: It isn't company; it's Fred and Ethel.

    • Ricky: There's nothing sloppy and dirty about this room. It just looks lived in.
      Lucy: That's a good answer if you're a pig.

    • Lucy: Look, honey, there's a new invention you'll just love. It's a hole in the wall, has a long pole in it with a little metal things hanging on it, and it's called a coat closet.
      Ricky: Well, what won't they think of next?

    • Lucy: How can a cyclone hit in here and not hit in the kitchen?

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