I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 32

Never Do Business With Friends

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 29, 1953 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy works on Ricky until he finally gives in and buys her a new washer and dryer. He says the dealer is giving them a $35 trade in allowance on their old one. The Mertz's jump in and offer to buy it instead, as they now can donate their old on to the smithsonian institute (that's how old it is).

Ricky thinks it's a bad idea and it may cause a rift in their friendship, but they insist it won't.

The next day, Ethel's doing laundry in her new 2nd hand washing machine. The Ricardo's join for lunch just in time to witness the washing machine go berserk, start spraying water and whipping clothes through the air.

The Mertz's are angry and accuse the Ricardo's of trying to palm off a piece of junk washer on their unsuspecting friends. A fight results.

The Ricardos still demand payment for their washer, as they never did recieve their $35 from the Mertz's.

Lucy and Ethel bang heads trying to push the old washer so it's in front of the other ones door, both denying ownership and responsibility.

Mrs Trumbull says her nephew can fix it. He comes to fix it and it will only cost $1.50. He then tells Mrs Trumbull that he's buy it for $50. Ethel overhears this and takes it upon herself to change her mind and claim ownership, since it may mean a profit. The Mertz's try to go and pay the Ricardo's the $35 dollars, but the Ricardos already know about the offer of $50, so now each couple is once again claimin ownership.

As they argue over the washing machine, they accidentally push it over the side of the 3rd story porch. Just then Mrs Trumbull's nephew returns offering $75. Both couples start laughing as they realize it's too late as the washer lies in a heap 3 stories below them.

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