I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 21

New Neighbors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 1952 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Pieces of the front apartment door were rigged on strings to pull out when the door was shot by the guns.

  • Quotes

    • Ethel: Now Lucy, are you sure you heard right?
      Lucy: Cross my heart and hope to--oh!

    • (Ricky is about to leave to go to the basement with Fred to check the furnace)
      Lucy: Ricky! You're not gonna leave me at a time like this! When you come back I might be gone.
      Ricky: Well if you go, leave me a note and tell me where I can find my clean socks.

    • Ricky: (taking the phone from Lucy and hanging it up) Now look, honey. Calm down, will you? Let's talk this thing over. Now wait a minute.
      Lucy: A lot of talking you're gonna do with a silver wire wrapped around your neck!

    • Ricky: Now look, honey. Why would those people wanna give us a rub down?
      Lucy: (correcting Ricky) Rub us out!

    • Lucy: 10 o' clock in the living room and all's well!
      Ricky: 10 o' clock in the bedroom and all's well!
      Fred: 10 o' clock in the hallway and all's well!
      Ethel: (muffled) 10 o' clock in the kitchen and all's well!
      Lucy: Kitchen inspector, will you report to the living room?
      (Ethel enters with a turkey leg in one hand and her gun in the other)
      Ethel: Yes sir.
      Lucy: Ethel are you eating on duty?
      Ethel: No sir.
      Lucy: What's that?
      Ethel: Oh uh...well I'm not very good with a gun so I thought if somebody tried to sneak in the back door I'd beat them to death.
      Lucy: Ethel, I hope they get here before you eat your club away.

    • Lucy: It was only a very clever ruse that I managed to escape from their apartment right under their eyes.
      Sergent Morton: How did you manage that?
      Lucy: I pretended to be a chair.
      Sergent Morton: I don't think the police can help you madame. Why don't you call an upholsterer?

    • Sergent Morton: Thirty-second precinct, Sergent Morton speaking.
      Lucy: Help!
      Sergent Morton: Name please.

    • Lucy: They're going to rub us out, and they're not going to use an eraser either.

    • Lucy: Ethel, you're nuturing two vipers in your brownstone bosom.

    • Lucy: Listen, just because I promised Ricky I wouldn't set foot in this apartment doesn't mean I can't set knees in.

    • Mrs. O'Brien: That's pretty corny dialogue.
      Mr. O'Brien: Yeah, even for television.

    • Ethel (to Fred): You're never too busy to do anything when there's a blond around.

    • Lucy: Ethel Mertz, how do you dare let a woman like that with a figure like that come into this building?!

    • Ethel: Say, that must be the new tenant coming up now. Isn't he handsome?
      Lucy: Handsome? How can you call him handsome with those bugged out eyes and long hairy legs?
      Ethel: Huh? Hey, you got a fly on the lens.

    • Ricky: Come on honey, I want my breakfast.
      Lucy: There's some coffee over there. I'll make you some soft boiled chairs in a minute.
      Ricky: What?!
      Lucy: I mean eggs. Look at those chairs, will you, Ethel?

  • Notes

    • The original opening sequence had changed in this episode. In this new sequence, the animated Lucy and Desi are in a field plastering a Philip Morris box with the star names and the title.

    • K.T. Stevens (Mrs. O'Brien) and her husband Hugh Marlowe were among Vivan Vance's closest friends.

    • Hayden Roarke (Mr. O'Brien) would end up playing Dr. Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie 14 years later.

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