I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 21

New Neighbors

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 1952 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Lucy: 10 o' clock in the living room and all's well!
      Ricky: 10 o' clock in the bedroom and all's well!
      Fred: 10 o' clock in the hallway and all's well!
      Ethel: (muffled) 10 o' clock in the kitchen and all's well!
      Lucy: Kitchen inspector, will you report to the living room?
      (Ethel enters with a turkey leg in one hand and her gun in the other)
      Ethel: Yes sir.
      Lucy: Ethel are you eating on duty?
      Ethel: No sir.
      Lucy: What's that?
      Ethel: Oh uh...well I'm not very good with a gun so I thought if somebody tried to sneak in the back door I'd beat them to death.
      Lucy: Ethel, I hope they get here before you eat your club away.