I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 6

Off to Florida

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy arrives home from shopping as the Ricardos prepare for their trip to Florida. She and Ethel have both gone wild with their charge-a-plates. Clothes galore and a wallet for little Ricky to keep things he doesn't want to lose. Ricky and Fred are taking little Ricky to go fishing and the girls are to join a couple days later. Ricky hands Lucy train tickets for herself and since Lucy has at some point lost train tickets before he demands she put them somewhere safe.

The time has arrived for Lucy and Ethel to join the others in Florida, but Lucy can't find the train tickets anywhere. She panics and Ethel is infuriated. They don't have money for new tickets either so they decide to look in the paper to find someone looking to share a ride.

Lucy and Ethel are squeezed into with Mrs. Grundy and sing-songy eruditish woman. The girls are starved but the woman refuses to stop except at night to sleep for a couple hours. She won't even go to a hotel and she sleeps outside while Lucy and Ethel try to make due with sleeping in the car.

They're driving along, taking the backroads to save time and have a flat tire. Mrs Grundy insists that Lucy and Ethel change the tire since she's been doing all the driving. They find the car jack and put it in the wrong place and make a hole in the hood of the car then have to figure out how to change a tire. Luckily Lucy had watched Ricky and Fred change a flat on their way to California.

The girls are proud when they've finished and start to lower the jack only to discover that they put the flat tire back on instead of the spare.

That night, the girls are trying to sleep in the car. All the creepy animal noises are making it impossible so try the radio to lull them to sleep. A bulletin comes on about a gray haired female hatchet murderer named Evelyn Holby. She's being pursued and is traveling south in a car that sounds just like the one Lucy is in. She wakes up Ethel and they deduce that they're traveling with a hatchet murderer, after all they'd found a hatched in the trunk when they were changing the tire. They decide it's best to sneak off. As they're about to run away, Mrs Grundy gets to the car, she's up and ready to go for the day.

Speeding down the highway, Lucy and Ethel nod off and Mrs Grundy hears another bulletin about the hatchet murderess. The radio says that now the killer has died her hair red and is traveling with a blonde companion. Mrs Grundy now thinks she's traveling with killers.

Lucy and Ethel are now awake and all are scared to death. Mrs Grundy has to stop for a phone call.

The get to a diner in the middle of nowhere and all make a mad dash for the payphone. It's out of order. They sit at the counter and order up coffee. They all three try their best to tell the man behind the counter that the other is a the famous Evelyn Holmby. Mrs Grundy excuses herself to get something from the car and from inside the diner, they hear her speed away. Luckily she's thrown Lucy & Ethel's luggage out.

They both race in to tell the man at the counter to call the police because that was Evelyn Holmby, the hatchet murderess. The man informs them that he'd just heard on the radio that the killer and her companion had already been arrested in Kentucky.

The girls are stuck at the diner and their only options are walking the rest of the way to Florida or hitching a ride.

Lucy and Ethel arrive at the train station where they were to meet the boys. They're covered in feathers as they hitched a ride in a poultry truck with 85 live chickens.

They're trying their best to get rid of all the feathers when the boys arrive. Ricky has a couple of questions for the girls starting with how did they get there an hour before the train? He then asks how they got there without train tickets since he found that Little Ricky had put them in his new wallet for safe-keeping.