I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 18

Paris at Last

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Ricardos and Mertzes are now in Paris. Everyone is really excited; Lucy wants to buy an undiscovered painting, Fred wants to relive the last time he was there, and Ethel just wants to see everything. Ricky's concerned about Lucy getting in trouble when she plans to wander around the city. She goes to the American Express office to change money and sees a painter. She wants to buy one of his paintings. She tells him to wait. A man on the street offers to change her money for her giving her an extra 100 francs per dollar. He explains that since he doesn't work in a building that he doesn't have any overhead. Lucy then mentions that she has a couple of friends who are coming who are going to want to change their money too. But a police officer comes walking by and the man runs away claiming that he has an appointment on the other side of town. Lucy exchanges some of the Mertzes' money in order to help them out. Then she goes back to the painter. After much negotiating buys his painting for 1,000 francs. After Lucy leaves the painter takes an identical painting out of his case then spray paints over it. The Mertzes see the same painter on their way out from getting the mail. Ethel wants his painting. Lucy wanders around Paris, taking in the sights, stopping by a cafe for lunch. The sightseeing tour with the Mertzes walks by. Lucy pretends that she doesn't know them. At the suggestion of the waiter Lucy orders the specialty of the house, escargot. Lucy is mortified when the waiter uncovers a plate of snails. She asks for ketchup thinking that she will then be able to eat the snails but this upsets the chef. After Lucy pays the bill the waiter and the chef call for the police because the money she paid with is counterfeit. Lucy thinks she's being arrested because she wanted to put ketchup on her snails. At the police station a cop brings in a drunk who speaks Spanish and German. Lucy tries to explain what happened to the police but they don't understand her. She calls Ricky for help. He rushes to her aid. In order to find out what happened and to clear Lucy's name a translation chain occurs. The sergeant only speaks French. The cop speaks French and German. The drunk speaks German and Spanish. Ricky speaks Spanish and English. Lucy only speaks English. Through this time consuming process Lucy is cleared of charges if she pays her bill. The Mertzes come in also arrested for counterfeiting and they blame Lucy. Back at the hotel everyone shares the paintings they bought only to find out they're all the same!