I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 18

Paris at Last

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 1956 on CBS



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    • Lucy: Listen, thanks to me you got to do something that very few Americans get to do. You got to see the inside of a French jail.
      Ethel: Thanks to you we almost spent the rest of our lives on Devil's Island.

    • Lucy: Nobody speaks English. They're all foreigners.

    • Lucy: (to snail) I think an American cousin of yours ate my geranium plant.

    • Lucy: Waiter, this food has snails in it.

    • Fred: A day off in Paris, hot ziggity!
      Ethel: You are coming on a sightseeing tour with Lucy and me.
      Fred: Cold ziggity!

    • Lucy: Since when is it a crime to put ketchup on snails?

    • Ricky: Honey, you can't go running around Paris all by yourself.
      Lucy: Why not?
      Ricky: What about your French?
      Lucy: What about my French?!
      Ricky: Well, Paris is a big city, and not knowing the language, you're liable to get in a lot of trouble.
      Lucy: Well, when you first came to the U.S., you didn't get into a lot of trouble because you didn't know the language, did you?
      Ricky: I'm married, aren't I? She told me that "I Do" meant "Pleased to meet you," and then she introduced me to the preacher.

    • Lucy: Oh Ricky! I am so glad to hear someone speaking english. Even you!

  • Notes

    • Following this episode, Lucy and Desi did a PSA for "Heart Month".

    • Writers Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Pugh are sitting at the cafe. Lucy toasts Carroll with a glass of wine but Pugh was frequently out of the film frame.

    • When aired on the cable channel TV Land, the line "Nobody speaks English.They are all foreigners" was cut.

    • Shep Menken (Painter), Larry Dobkin (Counterfeiter), and Maurice Marsac (Waiter) have all appeared on I Love Lucy before this episode.

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