I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

After Lucy and Ethel attend a home furniture show, they make a big deal about how ratty their own furniture is. Not to worry though, because they both entered their names in a contest to win a whole house full of new furniture, a hundred times each! so they're sure to win.

They refuse to leave their apartments in case the home show calls and they miss it. Ricky is tired of the whole deal so he talks Fred into calling Lucy and pretending that he's from the home show and that she won the furniture, that way the girls will go out.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Ethel wait impatiently until finally Lucy's phone rings and surprise! She won! So excited, Lucy calls Mr Jenkins, an unscrupulous furniture salesman, and he only gives her $75 for 'her old junk' and still claims he'll have to make it up on the next customer.

Lucy takes the money and buys wallpaper and she and Ethel hilariously attempt to wallpaper the bedroom.

Ricky gets home and has to buy the furniture back from the salesman because he tells Lucy she really didn't win, it was Fred playing a joke. He ends up shelling out $395 for the furniture that the guy just paid $75 for.

They go to the bedroom and see the disastrous results of 'Lucy & Ethel paper hangers', it's so bad that Ethel actually got papered into the closet.

Fred then comes in and confesses that he chickened out and never made the call, so Lucy won the furniture for real!