I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 26

Return Home From Europe

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

Everyone is packing their bags to go home. In a letter is a telegram that Lucy's mother sent in the regular mail for an engagement at the Roxy Theater in New York. He calls to see if the offer is still valid. Now they have to fly home so Ricky can perform at the Roxy. But the problem is that the plane tickets are going to cost money because the band is not going to return home on the boat for free. Lucy has a hard time deciding what to pack in her bags because of the 66 pound weight limit. Lucy wants to take a 25 pound cheese home for her mother. Ricky refuses to pay to ship the cheese or for the cheese to go on the plane because he's furious at his mother-in-law. Lucy tries to figure out a way to get the cheese home without having Ricky pay for it.

She carries the cheese as a baby onto the plane beacuse she thinks that babies fly for free. Ricky is upset when he learns that the baby is really the cheese. He refuses to sit with her claiming that "I'm not the father of that cheese!" Another woman with a baby sits next to Lucy so that they won't disturb the other passengers. Her name is Evelyn Bigsby, she's nosy asking Lucy a lot of questions about her baby. Lucy pretends to take a nap so that she doesn't have to talk anymore but soon finds Evelyn trying to peek at her baby. Lucy panics when she realizes that she didn't bring a bottle. Evelyn offers one of her bottles. Lucy pretends to feed the cheese/baby and takes swigs of the formula when Evelyn isn't looking. She also pretends to burp the cheese/baby.

There's a major flaw in Lucy's plan when she learns that babies don't fly free on international flights. The cheese is going to cost $30 as a baby but $50 if it is a cheese. While all the other passengers are asleep the girls proceed to eat the cheese. Lucy says that she'll figure out what to do with the rest. They comes back to their seats cheese-less/baby-less. Evelyn wakes up concerned that Lucy's baby is gone. Lucy tries to explain but Evelyn screams.

Problems also arise at customs. Lucy tries to explain the whole story but the customs official doesn't believe it. she claims that the baby bonnet that was on the cheese is really hers, "the latest style from Paris." The customs official says that there's an argument as to whether it was a baby or whether it was a piece of cheese. Ricky then explains the story to the customs official. But now everyone wants to know where the rest of the cheese is. Ricky even says that he'll pay for the cheese after all. The band gets ready to perform for the newsreels. The band starts to play but no sound comes out of their instruments. Instead the cheese comes out all gooey. Ricky and Lucy make up and agree to go home to see Little Ricky.